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Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true. Turn on your radio and hide. Never listened before? It's an ongoing radio show. Start with the current episode, and you'll catch on in no ...Show More

21:02 | Jun 15th, 2012

Pilot Episode. A new dog park opens in Night Vale. Carlos, a scientist, visits and discovers some interesting things. Seismic things. Plus, a helpful guide to surveillance helicopter-spotting. Weather: "These and More Than These" by Joseph Fink Mus...Show More

20:21 | Jul 1st, 2012

A mysterious, glowing cloud makes its way across Night Vale. Plus, new Boy Scouts hierarchy, community events calendar, and a PTA bake sale for a great cause! Weather: "The Bus is Late" by Satellite High, satellite-high.com Music: Disparition, disp...Show More
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24:36 | Sep 15th, 2012

Learn about the storied history of Night Vale during this special week's celebration. Plus, psychological assaults on tourists, highway construction announcements, and metal detectors in schools! Weather: "Despite What You've Been Told" by Two Galla...Show More

23:04 | Sep 1st, 2012

The city faces extensive delays in the revitalization of the Old Town Drawbridge. Plus, time for another pledge drive, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, and good news for radio controlled airplane hobbyists! Weather: "Aye" by Dio, diomu...Show More

21:10 | Aug 15th, 2012

A protest against the removal of the Shape In Grove Park That No One Acknowledges Or Speaks About. Plus, changes to the school curriculum, a growing tarantula problem in town, and musical auditions! Weather: "Jerusalem" by Dan Bern, danbern.com Mus...Show More

23:17 | Aug 1st, 2012

Last night's PTA meeting accidentally opens a rift in spacetime, and Night Vale faces the consequences. Plus, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, controversy at Radon Canyon, and our annual high school football preview! Weather: "Closer" ...Show More

20:56 | Jul 15th, 2012

It's contract renewal time with station management, and negotiations get tricky. Plus, a new city litter initiative, books stop working, and a creeping fear comes to town! Weather: "Bill & Annie" by Chuck Brodsky, chuckbrodsky.com Music: Disparitio...Show More

23:21 | Dec 1st, 2012

The search for a dangerous fugitive finally comes to an end, but he's gaining some unexpected popularity. Plus, what to do about those noisy sunsets, City Council rejects "breath entitlements," and more issues with Santa Claus at the Night Vale mall....Show More

22:06 | Nov 15th, 2012

An important announcement from the Night Vale Council for Commerce to regularly consume wheat & wheat by-products. Plus, the dangers of discount bloodstones, property taxes going up, and changes afoot in our health insurance policies! Weather: "Ciga...Show More

24:37 | Nov 1st, 2012

A roving pack of feral dogs terrorizes Night Vale. Plus, a new installment of Community Health Tips, the Fireperson Appreciation Parade, and free admission day at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies! Weather: "i Know This:" by Rachel Kann. rachelk...Show More

23:51 | Oct 15th, 2012

A large, philosophical pyramid appears in town, announcing several messages, but is it what it seems? Plus, best practices for regular skin-checks, an update on the levitating cat, and whatever happened to that vile barber? Weather: "Last Song" by J...Show More

23:56 | Oct 1st, 2012

Mysterious lights and sounds are coming from Radon Canyon. Plus, tips on how to win the town lottery, our newest (incorporeal) School Board member, and the abandoned mineshaft finally gets HBO! Weather: "This Too Shall Pass" by Danny Schmidt. dannys...Show More

21:30 | Oct 15th

Everyone in town is scared of aging now that time works normally. But one newcomer claims to have the answer. Weather: “Revolution Lover” by Left At London http://leftatlondon.com Become a Night Vale Scout today to help us keep making this show and...Show More

26:44 | Apr 15th

Hold on, haven't we been here before? The voice of Lee Marvin was TL Thompson. Weather: “Sicilian Crest” by the Mountain Goats http://www.mountain-goats.com http://ionlylistentothemountaingoats.com Don’t miss our Faceless Old Woman live show at the L...Show More

24:22 | Feb 15th

We start today, as we often do, with the latest UFO sighting reports in the community. Weather: "Color TV” by Answering Machine https://answeringmachine.bandcamp.com Our tour of A Spy in the Desert continues this month across US! Get your tickets h...Show More

23:33 | Mar 15th, 2018

There's been a drowning at the Pancake House. This episode was co-written with Brie Williams. Weather: “Lake Full of Regrets” by Devine Carama featuring River Greene and Devin Roberts from the album Kingtucky. https://devinecarama.bandcamp.com ADD...Show More

21:55 | Feb 1st, 2018

A story of love and horror. Part 1 of 3. Weather: "Riches and Wonders" by Eliza Rickman & Jherek Bischoff http://elizarickman.com/ & http://jherekbischoff.com ADDED USA TOUR DATES of "All Hail" (Apr 2018). Plus shows in Australia (Feb 2018) http:/...Show More

20:51 | Dec 15th, 2017

A happy celebration of a happy holiday story from a desert otherworld. The voice of Kevin was Kevin R. Free. The voice of Lauren was Lauren Sharpe. Weather: "Fast Talker" by aj & the good intentions http://ajandthegoodintentions.bandcamp.com/ Mus...Show More

29:11 | Jun 15th, 2015

A review of opening night at the new Old Night Vale Opera House. Weather: "Align" by Aby Wolf (abywolf.bandcamp.com). Music: Disparition, disparition.info. Logo: Rob Wilson, robwilsonwork.com. Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fi...Show More

30:00 | Jul 15th, 2013

Cecil tries to convey the important news of the day, including delivery of some mysterious crates in the desert, a new library expansion, and the annual Bluegrass Festival, but he has a more pressing issue on his mind. Weather: "Team the Best Team" ...Show More

25:29 | Feb 15th, 2013

Emergency crews are on hand to help cleanup the aftermath of the worst Valentine's Days in recent memories. Plus, important schedule changes at the Night Vale Airport, the City Council votes to choose an official town language, and updates on the Pos...Show More

24:41 | Feb 1st, 2013

Cecil receives a cryptic phone call from someone who is very close. Plus, a new business plan at the Daily Journal, an important list from the Sheriff's Secret Police, and improvements at the public library. Weather: "Those Days Are Gone and My Hear...Show More

24:08 | Jan 1st, 2013

A stranger comes to town with a briefcase and an unmemorable face. Plus, controversy with the Daily Journal, another segment of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and new security footage from the bowling alley. Weather: "Movement 1: Invocation of ...Show More

25:48 | Dec 15th, 2012

You listen to a podcast. You check the episode description to see what is in store this time. It is a different kind of description than you are used to. You suspect the episode will be a different kind of episode than you are used to. You listen. W...Show More

26:50 | Nov 15th

There may have been a few consequences from our attempt to live forever. Oops. The voice of Casper Rhodes is Rob Neill. Weather: “Sugar Neighbors” by Dane Terry https://www.thedaneterry.com Just announced: our 2020 World Tour! Our brand new live show...Show More

24:56 | Sep 1st

There's a bank robbery at the Last Bank of Night Vale. Weather: “My Friend” by Dominique Chantel Worthing with Barrett Ward https://soundcloud.com/dominique-worthing Our fall tour of A SPY IN THE DESERT starts on September 6th! Check out the full l...Show More

25:13 | Jun 15th

Lee Marvin turns 30 one last time, and a great change comes to Night Vale. The voice of Deb was Meg Bashwiner. The voice of Dana was Jasika Nicole. The voice of Steve was Hal Lublin. The voice of Lee Marvin was TL Thompson. The voice of Maureen was M...Show More

27:56 | Jun 1st

The General returns home from the Blood Space War. The voice of Carlos is Dylan Marron. Weather: “Sad But Not Depressed” from the podcast It Makes a Sound https://nightvale.bandcamp.com We’re taking A Spy in the Desert to more cities across the US...Show More

26:29 | May 15th

There is peace in our time. The voice of Leonard Burton is James Urbaniak. Weather: “Subspace” by RAQIA https://raqia.bandcamp.com and https://www.instagram.com/raqiaband/ We’re taking A Spy in the Desert to more cities across the US and Canada this ...Show More

26:16 | May 1st

The Blood Space War is not without its detractors. The voice of Basimah was Aliee Chan. Weather: “Shake” by Wednesday’s Wolves https://www.wednesdayswolves.com Become a $10+ member of the Night Vale Scouts before May 11 and get a sticker sheet full o...Show More