The History of India Podcast

Kit Patrick

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A light weekly podcast covering the history of India, from 6th century B.C. Enjoying the podcast? Please consider donating to the Snehal Sidhu Memorial Fund (

49:23 | Dec 14th, 2019

( This week, Mahendrapala extends his empire downstream, towards the sea. But nothing is what it seems: not the emperor, nor his empire, nor his conquest. All will be reve...Show More

51:27 | Dec 5th, 2019

( A journey through one of emperor Bhoja's lands. With the emperor far away in the Imperial city, we find out what life is like for the merchants and city folk under him. ...Show More
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44:54 | Oct 21st, 2019

( In this episode, young king Bhoja will grow into his throne. He will draw together allies and subordinates and wait patiently. When the time is right he will strike at h...Show More

1:01:53 | Oct 8th, 2019

( For too long the empire of the east has dominated North India. Bhoja, the descendant of the western emperors is determined to bring change. But he starts with almost not...Show More

41:31 | Aug 23rd, 2019

( The victorious Palas build their empire. Poets gather in their courts. Kings flee before their armies. All seems well, but an old enemy is regathering strength. Also in...Show More
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