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26:59 | Mar 27th, 2019

Romanians are the second largest foreign nationality in the UK. Why did they come and will they stay? One politician famously once said he "would not like to live next door to Romanians." But now they...Show More
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People leaving their homes in search for a better life. Really personal interviews about how much they miss their home and how hard it is t...Show More

27:41 | Jan 14th

In 2010, Katie Williams – a former palliative care nurse – started the first Coffin Club in her garage. The idea was that elderly New Zealanders would come together to sand, assemble and decorate thei...Show More
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THIS IS REAL TALK. Beautiful and chilling story about older women in New Zealand who have developed a community of building their own coffin...Show More

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27:29 | Dec 31st, 2019

Space travel is not always high-tech. When the Apollo astronauts landed on the Moon in 1969, seamstresses made their spacesuits at a company famous for stitching latex into Playtex bras. During the Sp...Show More
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A heartwarming story about the space "Sew Sisters", the women who sewed the spacesuits for the moon landing and thermal blankets for the spa...Show More

50:39 | Feb 15th

How can beauty pageants, a competition steeped in tradition, reinvent itself in the wake of a seismic shift in women’s rights? The #MeToo movement has rocked Hollywood in a way that could not have bee...Show More
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Listen to the attempted revival of Miss America "2.0" as they call it - as the revamped competition removes the swimsuit component and tries...Show More

27:29 | Jan 7th

In Japan to change gender, people must be sterilised, have gender reassignment surgery, not have any children under the age of 20 and must be single. The government further state you cannot have gende...Show More
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Depressing episode about the challenges that trans people face in Japan where being queer is considered a disease that must be diagnosed. A ...Show More

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