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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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More often than we’d like to believe, people get away with murder. As cases grow cold, cops retire. Witnesses die. Evidence disappears. Unsolved, a true crime podcast series from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, guides listeners through these real-lif...Show More


29:32 | Apr 24th, 2019

Still have questions about the murder of Father Alfred Kunz? Want to hear more about what was going on behind the scenes of the podcast and of the investigation? Kunz's good friend Peter Kelly and ret...Show More

37:01 | Mar 27th, 2019

Twenty years after Kunz’s murder, members of his former parish gathered at Mass to pray for his soul. Police, who had launched a social media campaign in connection with the anniversary, scanned the c...Show More
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29:28 | Mar 20th, 2019

Detective Wayne Honer was among those who did not believe teacher Brian Jackson killed Father Kunz. While Detective Kevin Hughes was chasing Jackson, Honer focused on a different suspect.

33:14 | Mar 13th, 2019

Immediately after Father Alfred Kunz’s death, St. Michael teacher Brian Jackson moved in with Kunz’s best friend, Father Charles Fiore. Detective Kevin Hughes was convinced Jackson was the killer. Su...Show More

26:29 | Mar 8th, 2019

Here is another true crime podcast you might like. Season one of Case Closed tells the story of Erin Corwin, a young military wife who was murdered in 2014\. She was living with her husband, Jon, a Ma...Show More
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