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Fact is scarier than fiction.


1:26:20 | Feb 10th, 2018

[Part 1 of 3] The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that started in China in the 2nd century B.C. Via a combination of roads, and sea routes, goods like silk, paper and spices were t...Show More
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Holy smokes, this three part story is INCREDIBLE

1:54:25 | May 13th, 2017

[Part 1 of 5] In 1976, Rancho Cordova was a fairly new, postwar suburb in East Sacramento. Beginning as a housing development in the 50’s by the 70’s it was predominantly a middle-class single stor...Show More
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this is the 1rst of 4 parts and is the first and only time I turned off a podcast and stopped listening (midway through episode 2) because I...Show More

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1:21:48 | Feb 17th, 2018

[Part 2 of 3] Nob and the Dread Pirate Roberts started to communicate regularly. The Dread Pirate Roberts had no idea he was really speaking to a DEA agent. And the DEA agent had no idea about the tr...Show More
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1:28:05 | Jul 1st, 2017

On December 7th, 2003, thirteen-year-old Daniel Morcombe told his brothers he was going to Sunshine Plaza to get a haircut and look for Christmas presents. Shortly after lunch he left his home on Woom...Show More

1:32:26 | Jun 3rd, 2017

[Part 5 of 5] When Part 4 began, it was August 1978\. Sergeant Jim Bevins and Lieutenant Ray Root from the Sacramento Task Force held a special meeting with law enforcement agencies in Contra Costa...Show More
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They wrap up the most complete coverage of this case

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