Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Demi Moore & Shana Feste

1:04:03 | Aug 17th

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Demi Moore [Ghost, G.I. Jane, Indecent Proposal, A Few Good Men, Striptease, Charlie’s Angels] and writer/director Shana Feste [The Greatest, Country Strong, Endless Love], talk with Anna about female...Show More


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Demi Moore and writer for @qcode 's Dirty Diana pod, Shana Feste, chats about women's sexuality and power in this all-revealing and intimate episode. Really honest conversation you probably won't get elsewhere. The caller at the end who asks advice about her husband-who-won't-grow-up-after-the-kid w...Show More

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation
💛 Honest
🥰 Intimate
🤔 Thought-provoking