The Shameless Mom Academy

Sara Dean

Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving m...Show More


51:13 | Feb 5th

Katie Krimitsos is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster and seeker.  She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world through the Women's Meditation Network, guided meditations, and re...Show More

37:32 | Feb 3rd

No one told me… I had no idea how much mental space motherhood would require.  I didn’t know that my brain would learn to run endless concurrent lists of tasks and to dos and important data, all day, ...Show More
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54:51 | Jan 29th

Ceca Mijatovic is a badass life coach and a host of the Truth & Dare Cancer Podcast. She focuses on helping women going through or living with cancer learn how to navigate their cancer journey alongsi...Show More

34:31 | Jan 27th

I recently did a full episode (Ep 391) on why moms lack self-trust.  The quick & dirty is this: women are conditioned from a very early age to trust others thoughts/opinions/judgements/instincts over ...Show More

1:04:14 | Jan 22nd

Casey McGuire Davidson is a certified life coach, the founder of Hello Someday Coaching and creator of the “Sober Girl’s Guide To Quitting Drinking, 30 Tips To Help Get You Through Your First 30 Days”...Show More
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