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Small Town Horror

Jon Grilz

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Small Town Horror is a bi-weekly serialized docudrama about one man's search for answers in his hometown, the site of his own mysterious kidnapping 18 years ago. Are the answers he seeks worth the cost of returning to the place known as Crazytown? S...Show More
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Introducing Over My Dead Body

05:42 | Feb 11th

What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead. Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or
The Truth About Small Town Horror, Episode 4

26:08 | Feb 1st

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 List of Suicide Prevention Lines: *** Sound Design by Steve Blizin *** Music Composed by Tom Parsons
The Truth About Small Town Horror, Episode 3

34:20 | Feb 1st

Sound Design by Steve Blizin *** Music Composed by Tom Parsons
The Truth About Small Town Horror, Episode 2

27:12 | Feb 1st

Sound Design by Zach Fortais-Gomm and Steve Blizin *** Music Composed by Tom Parsons
The Truth About Small Town Horror

32:12 | Feb 1st

Sound Design by Zach Fortais-Gomm and Steve Blizin *** Music Composed by Tom Parsons
S3 Episode 10: Echoes

22:58 | Sep 27th, 2017

The past returns to haunt...  
S3 Episode 09 - Under A Streetlight

19:39 | Sep 20th, 2017

Following Tom's clue, Ryan discovers more about Northwoods Reclamation, as well as a connection he never wanted to make. *** Support this podcast by becoming a Patron at
S3 Episode 08 - Getting Over It

19:23 | Sep 13th, 2017

Inside that storage space, Joe's fate is sealed. *** Support this podcast and get your answers at
S3 Episode 07 - Whispered Secrets

20:14 | Sep 6th, 2017

Ryan confronts Joe, but the answers he gets only lead to more questions. And doubt. *** Support this podcast and ensure the answers are found via
S3 Episode 06 - Breaking Masks

17:35 | Aug 30th, 2017

Ryan walks back into the darkness in an attempt to find answers. BUt is he ready to hear them? *** Support this podcast and ensure answers are found by becoming a Patron at
S3 Episode 05 - Finding the Whispering Man

20:51 | Aug 22nd, 2017

Ryan and Julie finally face their fear as they work to draw the Whispering Man out of the shadows. *** Support this podcast by becoming a Patron at
S3 Episode 04 - Kindred Spirits

23:55 | Aug 15th, 2017

Ryan and Julie go to speak with Tom. Then the Whispering man escalates the situation. *** Support the podcast and ensure your questions are answered at
S3 Episode 3 - What "it" is

22:41 | Aug 8th, 2017

Ryan and Julie's search drags on and their desperation mounts. Soon they only have one person to turn to for help... *** Support the show and ensure your questions are answered by becoming a Patron of the show.
S3 Episode 02 - Let's Play A Game

20:26 | Aug 2nd, 2017

When you don't know who is looking for you, there are certain things it's important to remember. Ryan and Julie push those rules as far as they can.
S3 Episode 01 - Unfinished Business

18:33 | Jul 26th, 2017

Ryan and Julie discover they are being followed and set off to find the answers they hope will end this game. *** Save $50 off your new mattress at by using promo code: STH *** For more about the best mics in the business, go to More
I Hear You

00:31 | Jul 19th, 2017

Small Town Horror Season 3 begins July 26th (July 23rd for Patrons of
Not Yet

01:58 | May 15th, 2017

This isn't over *** For $50 off your order, visit and enter promo code STH
Last Call?

24:53 | Apr 26th, 2017

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S2 Episode 12 - TBD

23:28 | Mar 1st, 2017

[insert episode description here] *** You can subscribe to the weekly "Creepy" creepypasta anthology on iTunes (, Google Play or at *** Additional audio c...Show More
S2 Episode 11 - Fear and Laughter

21:30 | Feb 15th, 2017

Ryan comes to a realization about the laughter and his father. New information on Northwoods Reclamation is derailed by a disheartening phone call. *** Please visit to support the podcast and get a free download with your 30-day trial...Show More
S2 Episode 10 - Rabbit Trails

22:55 | Feb 1st, 2017

Ryan focuses on finding Northwoods Reclamation, Inc. While he works on tracking down a lead, a chance meeting with Julie takes a turn. *** Help support the podcast and save $50 off ANY mattress purchase at by using promo code STH at ch...Show More
S2 Episode 09 - Road Trip

24:37 | Jan 18th, 2017

Ryan learns of a Minnesota connection to the laughter and takes a road trip to the Lake Superior shores. There he must face the pain the laughter has created in someone else as he gets another piece of the puzzle. *** Get $35 off your first delivery ...Show More
S2 Episode 08 - Straws

21:57 | Jan 4th, 2017

Ryan speaks with a reporter, who has startling news about the laughter. Meanwhile, living without answers takes it's toll, until new motivation presents itself.   More information about the Dark Tome podcast can be seen HERE.
S2 Episode 07 - Out of the Darkness

18:08 | Dec 21st, 2016

The sins of the past remain as Ryan struggles to recover and continue his search for answers...among other things. But he soon finds that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Not all obstacles come from the darkness.
S2 Episode 06 - Running

19:49 | Dec 7th, 2016

Ryan and Sara come face-to-face with the darkness. *** "Here I Am" written and performed by Marcela Carmona. More of her music can be found at Sound Editor: Daniel Burnett Composer: Tom Parsons
S2 Episode 05 - Surviving

22:24 | Nov 23rd, 2016

Ryan makes an impossible choice and lives hang in the balance. *** Winc is offering our audience members who are over 21 and live in the US a $20 credit plus free shipping on their first order of 4 bottles of wine as a new member of Winc. Thanks to W...Show More
S2 Episode 04 - Fearing

20:23 | Nov 9th, 2016

Ryan and Sara find themselves trapped with only one way to go. They soon find that the fear they have known was only the beginning. *** Winc is offering our audience members who are over 21 and live in the US a $20 credit plus free shipping on their ...Show More
S2 Episode 03 - Learning

25:14 | Oct 26th, 2016

Ryan and Sara find Ashbury. Ryan's search drives him to learn a painful truth: that the horror has just begun. *** *** This episode of Small Town Horror is sponsored thanks to the amazing people at Audible has an unmatche...Show More
S2 Episode 02 - Finding

22:03 | Oct 12th, 2016

The discussion goes to darker places as Ryan and Sara go deeper into the woods and further away from the lives they once knew. Into the ash. *** Winc is for a new generation of wine drinkers who want do away with the pretense and simp...Show More
S2 Episode 01 - Searching

24:08 | Sep 28th, 2016

Ryan and Sara search for Ashbury and answers. But at what cost? *** Episode 1 of Season 2 is sponsored by To download a free audiobook of your choice from a selection of thousands, simply go to and sign up...Show More
S1: A Warning From Ashbury

01:39 | Jul 25th, 2016

A voice message left by Ryan...from Ashbury. A plea from the darkness.
S1 Episode 06 - For Laughs

22:02 | Jul 6th, 2016

The voices in the laughter are closer than ever and they point Ryan in a direction he never imagined.
S1 Episode 05 - Alone, Not Alone

20:23 | Jun 22nd, 2016

Ryan and Roger go looking for sounds. Then Ryan goes for a walk...
S1 Episode 04 - Isolation

09:46 | Jun 8th, 2016

It's been two weeks...time is a dangerous thing, especially when isolation is concerned. Time does nothing to silence the laughter.
S1 Episode 03 - Broken Silence

21:50 | May 25th, 2016

Ryan tracks down Steven Alderman's mother, but doesn't like what he hears. Another person from his past tries to help him shed light on the laughter.

02:17 | May 22nd, 2016

Episode 3 (and all future episodes) will now be available for early release to anyone donating $1 or more per month to the podcast through
S1 Episode 02 - Voices From The Past

22:54 | May 11th, 2016

Ryan listens to the recording of his interview following his release from captivity 18 years ago and finds out the nature of the sound he recorded in his father's house.
S1 Episode 01 - Homecoming

21:22 | Apr 27th, 2016

After 18 years, Ryan Jennings finally returns home to Crayton,Minnesota. There he finds an old friend and an older nightmare.
S1 Episode 0: Tape 2 - The Why

23:31 | Apr 14th, 2016

In 1998 Ryan Jennings recorded himself performing a localhorrorlegend known to Crayton, Minnesota, as "The Sinner's Game".And hislife changed forever. Tape 2 of 2
S1 Episode 0: Tape 1 - The Where

17:48 | Apr 12th, 2016

In 1998 Ryan Jennings recorded a VHS tape in an attempt tounderstand the mysteries that only seem to exist within hishometown of Crayton, Minnesota.   Tape 1 of 2.