Throw'm In The Puget Productions

150 years ago, the S.S. Cumberland disappeared in the Pacific Northwest. A lifeboat from the ship with four skeletons inside just mysteriously showed up in Marrow Passage. Reporter Daisy Bonham attempts to solve the mystery and find out what other se...Show More

29:51 | Dec 11th, 2016

BuzzRox reporter Daisy Bonham arrives in Port Possession where she meets town historian Chip Kuznick and learns more about the history of the town and the doomed S.S. Cumberland. She also speaks with ...Show More

jhawthorne recommended:

Interesting example of an fictional reported narrative. Story of mysterious vessel that appears in the Puget and a reporter learning about a...Show More

02:15 | Feb 6th

Waking up with no memory was just the beginning of her journey... "Discovery Park", a new mystery audio drama from Throw'm in the Puget Productions. From the people who brought you the audio drama "Pa...Show More
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23:26 | Feb 23rd, 2017

We find out what happened to Daisy Bonham after she came face to face with the person behind a grisly murder in Port Possession as the mystery behind Passage concludes.

28:48 | Feb 9th, 2017

Daisy Bonham returns to Port Possession following the discovery of a body inside another boat floating in Marrow Passage. This time, news of the victim hits close to home. The more Daisy digs, however...Show More

24:09 | Jan 26th, 2017

Daisy Bonham decides to put her investigation into Port Possession on hold and humor Lacey by visiting a medium claiming to know who Daisy was in a past life. What she learns may unlock the mystery be...Show More
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