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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more fri...Show More


21:15 | Mar 18th, 2015

On the morning of March 17, 1892, a group of townsfolk in rural Rhode Island dug up the graves of three local women. What they did to their bodies was something that we might find shocking, yet was ac...Show More

22:40 | May 18th, 2015

Settings are often just as important to a story as the tale itself. The Shining had the Overlook. The Legend of Hell House had the Belasco. We fear cabins in the woods and even our own basements. But ...Show More
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21:40 | Apr 6th, 2015

In 1582, the German town of Bedburg was ravaged by a violent and mysterious creature. After untold bloodshed, the townsfolk took up arms and hunted the monster down. What they found was something out ...Show More

17:40 | Mar 23rd, 2015

Over 200 lives were lost during the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel in western Massachusetts. According to countless eye-witnesses across nearly 150 years, many of those deaths left indelible marks....Show More

27:15 | Jul 10th, 2017

The bigger the city, the easier it is to miss the little details. Stories of loss, tragedy, and horrifying events have a way of vanishing beneath the bustle of everyday life. And no place is better at...Show More
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Death by stupidity at its finest. Why would anybody keep that door one way to begin with? And why won't a certain someone move when said to ...Show More

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