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Opening Arguments

Thomas Smith and Andrew Torrez

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Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong ...Show More

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1:04:22 | Jun 20th

Today's bonus episode takes a deep dive into the lawsuit brought by the Trump Administration to try and block the publication of John Bolton's tell-all book. We break down the legal arguments and tell...Show More

1:02:26 | Jun 19th

Today's episode might have been titled "Andrew Was Really, Really Wrong," as we break down this rather surprising week in the Supreme Court, including the Title VII cases, the Court's refusal to grant...Show More
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1:03:18 | Jun 16th

Today's show takes a deep dive into the Supreme Court, with the theme of "Shame Justice Roberts," and we recorded this... just before Justice Roberts (and, surprisingly, Neil Gorsuch) voted to affirm ...Show More

1:31:53 | Jun 12th

Today's episode takes an in-depth look at the concept of an amicus brief, explaining why we filed one in the Flynn case, what it means, and what's next for the guy who sold out his country... and his ...Show More

1:17:53 | Jun 9th

Today we're joined by Gabe Roth, executive director of Fix the Court is a national, nonpartisan organization that advocates for non-ideological ‚Äúfixes‚ÄĚ that would make the fe...Show More
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