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John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply ...Show More

49:13 | Aug 21st

It's time to clear the docket! This week, LeVar Burton joins the Court to dispense some justice! They all discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation, dressing your baby in controversial onesies, naming dogs, a letter from a listener about talking to home...Show More

50:43 | Jul 24th

Eric brings the case against his wife, Karla. Karla thinks that Eric should show more affection to their dog. But Eric says he does most of the dog care in the home. The dog petting can be left to another family member to fulfill. Who's right? Who's ...Show More
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1:12:19 | Oct 11th, 2017

"Crypto Facto" and Swift Justice, live at King's Place in London during the 2017 London Podcast Festival! With music from Serafina Steer! Thank you to Chad Coker for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge Jo...Show More

1:05:21 | Jul 12th, 2017

"Seeking Redress" and Swift Justice recorded live from Maximum Fun's first ever Very Very Fun Day in Chicago. With Guest Bailiff Jean Grae and musical guest Saba! Thank you to Jon Barr for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future...Show More

1:05:32 | Oct 22nd, 2014

Will brings the case against his friend Moby. Moby has constructed a "friendship and acquaintance theory" that helps her navigate the relationships in her life. She's entirely upfront about which people in her life are acquaintances, and which are fr...Show More
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