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The Institute of Art and Ideas is a not-for-profit organisation committed to bringing philosophy and critical thinking into the heart of public life, with philosophy for our times. Described by Total Politics as "Europe's answer to TED", the IA...Show More

21:00 | Feb 11th

For millenia, humans have looked to philosophy to help them understand the world, but why is it then that so many people find philosophy confusing? Is the confusion perhaps part of the solution? Ph...Show More

38:31 | Feb 5th

From populist demagogues to liberal elites, Fox News to the BBC, the warring tribes of our troubled world agree on few ideals and still fewer facts. Yet they all share the belief that they are right. ...Show More
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26:48 | Jan 28th

What does mathematics have to do with the nature of human thought? How does it change how philosophers think of reality? Philosopher and author of 'Ineffability and its Metaphysics', Silvia Jonas e...Show More

48:09 | Jan 21st

In a post-truth world, tribal agreement seems to have replaced reason and evidence. But is a world where our truths are tribal sustainable? Don't we need a shared framework of thought to prevent fragm...Show More

28:32 | Jan 14th

We all get dressed. But how often do we pause to think about the place of clothes in our lives? Can a philosophy of living be wrapped up in a winter coat? Can we see a suit not just as an object, but ...Show More
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