Pointed Questions with Brent Weinbach

Brent Weinbach

A series of in-depth and off-beat interviews from comedian Brent Weinbach. With Donny Divanian.

2:09:08 | Jan 28th

Brent interviews bodybuilder, Omar Deckard, about getting big (physically) and getting tight. With Donny Divanian.

1:37:21 | Jan 15th

Brent interviews former child actor, Brian Granillo, about being in the movie Milk Money and seeing Melanie Griffith’s breasts. With Donny Divanian.
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1:06:32 | Jan 6th

Brent interviews urban designer, Valerie, about landscape architecture and deciding every detail that goes into an outdoor space. With Donny Divanian.

1:00:52 | Feb 25th, 2019

The third part in the Adams trilogy (follow-up to the previous episode, which in itself was a follow-up to the episode before that), Brent interviews former drug dealer-turned-screenwriter, George Pow...Show More

2:09:12 | Feb 8th, 2019

Follow-up to the previous episode, Brent interviews film maker, Daniel Adams, about the process of making movies and getting financing. Then, the conversation takes a turn and becomes about the experi...Show More
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