Twenty Thousand Hertz

#93 | That's All Folks!

24:13 | Apr 29th

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Mel Blanc is a legendary voice actor who voiced more than 400 distinct characters. But in 1961, Mel was involved in a potentially fatal car accident. In this episode, we discover the unlikely source t...Show More


epekilis recommended:May 28th

No single person could replace Mel Blanc, creator of 400+ animated character voices. Not even the guy who had been dreaming of growing up to be Porky Pig since he was 6 years old.

I thought this episode was:

👍 Well-produced
📝 Well-written

hsfargis recommended:May 5th

Part 2 of the story of Mel Blanc. About how he recovered from a terrible car accident and how the entertainment industry struggled to replace him. If you grew up with Bugs, Barney Rubble, and Porky Pig (and around 400 more) you will love these episodes.


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