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Ellen Pekilis


Information omnivore, seeks podcasts that shine a light on the human story in the big picture issue. Love the edges where disciplines touch: science, business, women, food, writing, history, design. But NO true crime. EVER. Talk to the hand.

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epekilis recommended:Jan 18th

Childhood diseases take a different course than the same disease in an adult patient. However, ethical guidelines limit clinical trials with children for very, very good reasons. This episode highlights scientists who are trying to navigate that very tricky and noble path between doing clinically ...Show More

#70: Not Just Tiny Adults

Raw Talk Podcast

epekilis recommended:Jan 18th

Thanks for the recommendation. This was very thought provoking. They did not go deep into why the recommendations were changed to drop the mammogram screening requirement for women over 40. Later in the episode they gave two reasons: 1) that screening in the 40 - 50 age bracket generated too many...Show More

Screened Out: Do Canada’s breast cancer screening guidelines put 40-something women at risk?

White Coat, Black Art on CBC Radio

epekilis recommended:Jan 13th

Listen to this episode right after the episode on the historical roots of banking. The Crusaders had to find a way to access money across thousands of miles; the impoverished billions of current day society need creative ways to use and access micro amounts of money that are too small for current b...Show More


50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

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