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We take your questions about life, Earth and the universe to researchers hunting for answers at the frontiers of knowledge.


33:50 | May 11th, 2018

Kenyan listener Docktor can’t help himself. When music is playing he must move to the beat and he wants to know why. What role does dance play in human evolution? And what does dance mean to us? To he...Show More

36:57 | Jun 12th

We were bowled over by a question from one CrowdScience listener in Australia wants to know how likely it is that the atoms in his body have been used in someone else’s body? We all like to think we a...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

32:59 | Jun 10th

Have you ever broken up a fight? Or pushed someone out the way of an oncoming vehicle, only to be hit by it yourself? Most of us probably haven’t taken as many risks as listener Alix, who has put hers...Show More

45:05 | May 29th

This week the kids take over. Our younger listeners are as curious as their parents, it seems, so presenter Marnie Chesterton seeks out the finest minds and attempts to answer a raft of their science ...Show More

30:56 | May 22nd

There are over 7000 living languages on earth today. These mutually unintelligible means of communication are closely associated with different groups' identities. But how does a new language start ou...Show More
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