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Podcast fan since 2006. Scientist. Comedy fan. Chapter Leader of Podcast Brunch Club Milwaukee. I easily listen to about 100 episodes a week so I’m always looking for new stuff. Also I curate themed playlist so check them out.

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cesarm recommended:Apr 2nd

This episode is very relevant for these crazy times.

Helplessness: The Other Minister (Book 6, Chapter 1)

by Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

cesarm recommended:Nov 20th, 2019

Intense episode about death. And how our opinions change and evolve from the rhetorical to the real deal. Very personal episode and yet if you ever have lose loved ones you will identify with this episode.

The Ventilator

by Hidden Brain

cesarm recommended:Nov 20th, 2019

Most true crime podcasts either focus on victims or perpetrators but this podcast is a complete profile of the badass detective and how her past experiences connect with this horrible case in California.

All the Missing | 1

by Detective Trapp

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