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Did you ever fall asleep in history class? You’re not alone. History can be boring when focusing on only dates and statistics. Historium seeks to find the narrative of history in some of the most unlikely places. Seamlessly blending history and story...Show More

11:14 | Jan 23rd

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor the western coast of the United States never felt so vulnerable. In Los Angeles, California, the fresh recruits, with their new crew cuts and wrinkled uniforms, would ...Show More

20:08 | Dec 24th, 2019

Saigon, Vietnam. April 1975. Music: -Song for Jesse -The Wounded Soldier by The Silk Road Ensemble -Church and State by Brocker Way -Less Likely by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross -White Christ...Show More
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26:30 | Dec 16th, 2019

Childbed fever was killing new mothers with a vengeance. In Hungary, young doctor Ignaz Semmelweis found a cure. However, there was one problem... No one believed him. Music: -Patchwork by Laur...Show More

26:10 | Nov 21st, 2019

Baseball has long been dubbed America’s pastime, but would that change if players had to literally play for their lives? Music by John Fahey, Daniel Herskedal, Christian Loffler, and Brocker Way. ...Show More

2:33:44 | Oct 24th, 2019

In the 1850s, a Christian cult rattles imperial China to its core. A deified schoolteacher, a general with a deathwish, and an American adventurer-turned-mercenary converge in one of the bloodiest con...Show More
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