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Wonders of the World

Drew Vahrenkamp

In this podcast, we'll visit 200 Wonders of the World, from the Pyramids to the Great Barrier Reef, to tell the story of our people, our civilization, and our planet. My name is Drew Vahrenkamp, and I'm a travel junkie. The world is filled with ama...Show More

46:00 | Jul 18th, 2019

Nestled in the hills of north central Morocco, Fès' ancient walled medina is a labyrinth of narrow alleys, passages and souks: the world's largest car-free urban space.  Founded by an Arab refugee-tur...Show More

52:00 | Jul 4th, 2019

Aachen, Germany, was the favored city of Charlemagne. Through conquest and economic success, he unified much of Western Europe. He could be considered the father of Europe. Or he might just have been...Show More
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57:31 | Jun 6th, 2019

In the soft rock of Cappadocia, Turkey, eroded into fantastic shapes, ancient peoples carved dwelling places. By the Byzantine era, locals created vast underground refuges to hide from foreign armies....Show More

55:56 | Jan 16th

It's the world's greatest comic strip. The Bayeux Tapestry documents the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest. We explore this cheeky document and its tale: the story o...Show More

1:06:56 | Dec 25th, 2019

A bonus holiday episode! In the mountains of North Macedonia sits Lake Ohrid, a deep, blue lake as old as time. On its shores, Samuel directed his Bulgarian kingdom's last hurrah against the Roman Em...Show More
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