The History of England

David Crowther

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This is my retelling of the story of England, in a regular, chronological podcast, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day. I’m a bloke in a shed, so this is not a dry retelling of events; I make sure this is...Show More

46:30 | Dec 29th, 2019

What concerned society about sexual behaviour and why ? How did they intervene in the way people lived their lives; what did you have to do to be whipped at four corners of the churchyard? And what im...Show More

35:31 | Dec 15th, 2019

How far did parish life change in the 16th century, and how far was the Reformation responsible? What did 16th century folk enjoy themselves, and how did that change over the century? For information...Show More
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01:29 | Nov 9th, 2019

Our dear friend and podcaster David has fallen ill and is postponing future episodes of The History of England for the next couple of months. We expect him to return to the microphone and be creating ...Show More

39:14 | Oct 20th, 2019

The Lord of Misrule, the Boy Bishop. dancing the Morris and May games. A little about the celebrations of the ritual year, and how things changed. For information regarding your data privacy, visit a...Show More

39:02 | Oct 13th, 2019

The patriarchy, love and marriage, gender roles and huswifery, the daily grind and a bit about food and clothing. It's a smorgasbord. For information regarding your data privacy, visit More
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