State of America


State of America is a daily news program on CNN International hosted by Kate Bolduan that tells the inside story of the new Trump presidency and how it will impact the world. The program is designed to be the prime destination for international audie...Show More

24:08 | Aug 23rd, 2019

Donald Trump disses a major U.S. ally. The 2020 Democratic field gets a little bit smaller. And, yes, the president really did call himself "the chosen one." Join us for this week's State of Americ...Show More

24:01 | Aug 16th, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates descend on Iowa with mixed reviews. Meanwhile, fears of a recession rattle the markets and, love him or hate him, Trump makes an economic pitch for 2020.
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23:58 | Aug 2nd, 2019

At the CNN Democratic Presidential debate, Joe Biden becomes the top target-- and surprisingly, Barack Obama gets attacked, too. Now Donald Trump is taking notice. Join Kate Bolduan for State of Ameri...Show More

23:27 | Jul 12th, 2019

The Labor Secretary steps down. The British ambassador goes home. And a champion speaks out. This is the State of America.

22:45 | Jun 14th, 2019

Is it 2020 yet? President Trump and Joe Biden sure seem to think so. And what if a foreign adversary offers to meddle in the next election? Trump says, "I'll take a look." Join Kate Bolduan for Sta...Show More
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