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Three skeptical believers who question everything discussing the weird, paranormal & unexplained.


3:00:07 | May 7th

Were you aware that every year, tens of thousands of political prisoners in China are killed for their organs? Or that those organs are then sold to people needing organ transplants, but don’t want to...Show More

2:09:34 | Apr 28th

The OJ Simpson trial was one of the most famous and well-covered events in television history. From the non-stop media coverage of the killings and the car chase, to the televised daily court proceedi...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

2:38:09 | Apr 22nd

“Go Fake Yourself” In a follow up to last week’s Mind Control-themed episode, we decided to go further down the rabbit hole and explore the world of “Fake News”, and how far away it really is from pro...Show More

2:08:51 | Apr 17th

“Mind Kontrol Ultra” Following Operation Paperclip in the 1940s, the CIA, working alongside former Nazi scientists, developed multiple operations involving hypnosis, drug testing and subliminal messag...Show More

2:18:05 | Apr 10th

“Sick Thoughts” In part 2 of our look into COVID Conspiracies, we dissect the Q theory, which alleges that this lockdown could be part of a massive effort to uninstall a global network of human sex tr...Show More
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