Millennial Sex True Stories

Professor XX



26:46 | Apr 2nd

Our guest is an exuberant Italian male who shares a few experiences, including breaking the squirt myth his in first time in America, the pride of Italy, porn king, Rocco Siffredi, and sharing subs wi...Show More

29:38 | Mar 26th

During the Coronavirus quarantine, Professor XX talks personal satisfaction and her favorite porn during times of isolation.
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13:58 | Mar 7th

Professor XX reads from her article Deficiency & Desire using a sexy British accent, and discusses how desires are a direct link to a deficiency and ways to explore them. https://www.sexualhealthmaga...Show More

36:14 | Mar 2nd

After Professor XX broke her knee having sex with a young man, she realized that a lot of guys lack sensuality. Their touch may be lame, their movements, jerky or machine-like. Using examples from the...Show More

13:18 | Feb 15th

Newly divorced after 15 years of a vanilla marriage, our guest was floored by how sex positive the world had become since his last romp. He quickly found himself head over heels in a kinky relationshi...Show More
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