The Stranger Lands

The Stranger Lands

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like Steampunk? Do you like alcohol? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then just hit download already and join Kra'ag the Bugbear Druid, Bagger the Firbolg Barbarian, Tash the Aasimar Cleric...Show More

2:12:07 | Aug 13th, 2019

The Strangers get back to the city for some hard earned rest and relaxation! It never seems to last very long though... Cast: Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijinTash the Aasimar Cleric - Col...Show More

2:09:02 | Jul 25th, 2019

The Strangers finally meet who has been ruling at Castle von Brokov in Daryl's absence. Can they win the fight and find the vital information they need to get the last treasure?! Cast: Kra’ag the Bugb...Show More
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2:00:37 | Jun 25th, 2019

It seems there are some unwelcome guests that have inhabited Castle von Brokov, and they bring with them some unwelcome memories. Cast: Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijinTash the Aasimar ...Show More

1:35:23 | Jun 11th, 2019

The Strangers arrive at Daryl's ancestral home, but it seems a lot has changed in the past thousand years. Cast: Kra’ag the Bugbear Druid - David - @ZenGaijinTash the Aasimar Cleric - Colleen - @brown...Show More

1:06:47 | May 28th, 2019

On a special episode of The Stranger Lands we catch up with Dahl in The Broken Lands. Dahl the Aasimar: Eli- @thevikingbear__ Diamat: Mat- @witty_mat This episode is sponsored by Die Hard Dice. Be sur...Show More
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