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Twice a week, this podcast will take you on a smart, direct, sometimes scary, sometimes profane, sometimes hilarious tour of the inner workings of American power and of the impact of our leaders and their policies on our standing in the world. Hoste...Show More

36:38 | Dec 14th, 2017

It's easy to blame the pols. For the pols its easy to blame one another. (Or if you are Roy Moore, who used to be a Senate candidate in the U.S., you can blame the sinners. Or Mitch McConnell. Or Sassy, the horse. Take your pick). But when polic...Show More

45:01 | Aug 29th

In the second of two episodes following up on the G7 meeting in Biarritz, Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund discuss why the president of the US continues to play the r...Show More
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49:41 | Aug 27th

If the president of the United States decides to launch a nuclear attack, our system is designed for him to be able to do so quickly and for virtually no one to be able to stop him. It takes four minutes from the moment he determines to do it until l...Show More

38:55 | Aug 23rd

In a far reaching and incisive conversation with Michael Morell, former Acting Director of Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of the CIA from 2010-2013, we discuss a world situation that in his view presents more challenges than any we have fac...Show More

51:30 | Aug 23rd

The collusion hits just keep on coming on Deep State Radio. We don't just have the 2016 oldies that made the Mueller Report so great (or so long, anyway), we've got the on-going collusion between the Trump Administration and Russian disinformation wa...Show More

47:26 | Aug 22nd

David Sanger of the New York Times brings us up to date on the latest from the Russian nuclear program--which means catastrophes near the arctic circle with ramifications that extend around the globe. Kori Schake of IISS and Evelyn Farkas of the Germ...Show More

49:59 | Aug 20th

In an obvious attempt to infuriate Puerto Rican statehood advocates, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. And if a few thousand Republicans would move up there (as they no doubt would to mine and drill the hell out of its every beautiful nook and cra...Show More

47:54 | Aug 15th

The day after Donald Trump leaves office in January 2021 (as we'll assume for the sake of argument and/or sanity that he does), what happens to America's relations with the world? What snaps back to the way it was in the past? What does not? Where ha...Show More

38:33 | Aug 14th

General James Clapper was both the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, one of the most distinguished intelligence leaders of the past several decades. We discuss with him where the Russia investigati...Show More

37:51 | Aug 13th

On this episode of Deep State Radio Kori Schake of IISS and Ed Luce of the Financial Times join host David Rothkopf to discuss the state of global crises from North Korea to Hong Kong, Kashmir to the Persian Gulf, global warming to Brexit and well, i...Show More

46:56 | Aug 9th

On this special edition of Deep State Radio live, we have an in-depth one-on-one conversation with Barbara McQuade, former U.S. Attorney and frequent commentator on legal developments on MSNBC. As one of America's foremost legal experts on matters pe...Show More

57:53 | Aug 6th

America is reeling from two more mass shootings. White nationalism and our gun pathology have combined with the encouragement of the White House to create tragedy upon tragedy and deeper divisions within our society. But the cost of the White House's...Show More

45:46 | Aug 2nd

Now that a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives support an impeachment inquiry and the House has argued in court that such an inquiry is already under way, the question becomes where does it lead? How do you frame impeachment article...Show More

45:18 | Aug 2nd

On this edition of National Security Magazine we have an in-depth discussion with former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin about the president's proposed leadership change at the top of the US intelligence community and the risks that may be associ...Show More

53:56 | Jul 30th

Dan Coats was not a perfect Director of National Intelligence, but he was a good one, a truth-teller in an administration of slavering sycophants. He will be missed, especially since his replacement is another sycophant of the mouth-frothing variety ...Show More

48:56 | Jul 26th

Ambassador Bill Burns is one of the most distinguished US diplomats of the past 50 years. In a wide ranging conversation based upon his great memoir "The Back Channel" he discusses the evolution (or devolution) of US foreign policy from Reagan to Tru...Show More

45:30 | Jul 26th

In this special discussion in the wake of Robert Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, Ryan Goodman of Just Security and Rosa Brooks of NYU Law School discuss just where we are in terms of the national security thr...Show More

35:36 | Jul 25th

According to Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, this is a particular fraught moment in the long history of the politics of race and history in America and around the world. We talk to Greenblatt in a special...Show More

44:07 | Jul 23rd

As the great foreign policy scholar Dean Wormer of Faber College once said, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." It's also no way to run a foreign policy. In fact, you don't even have to be fat or drunk for stupid to screw up a ...Show More

39:57 | Jul 18th

Remember the scene in "Mean Girls" where Cady breaks the prom queen tiara into piece for everyone? Well, that's what we do here as we celebrate 200 podcasts with a look at the world during the two year's since the launch of Deep State Radio and then ...Show More

45:33 | Jul 16th

It's not our fault. The month before DSR started Comey got fired, Mueller got hired, and we were off to the races with the Greatest Witch Hunt in History. Many witches later...and 200 podcasts later...we look back to ask: What has changed the most in...Show More

1:08:15 | Jul 12th

As part of our celebration of 200th episode, we had a special conversation with Lawrence O'Donnell, host of MSNBC's "The Last Word" and one of the keenest, most candid observers of Washington anywhere. We discuss with him how this moment is different...Show More

42:25 | Jul 9th

When the special relationship starts coming apart at the seams because of an unfortunate outbreak of stating the obvious, who you gonna call? Ivanka! From the DMZ to world leader photo ops to Brexit, America's crown princess is at the helm. And if sh...Show More

49:16 | Jul 4th

Yes, our Constitution is not exactly working as planned. Yes, checks and balances are not checking or balancing. Yes, the president and his family are behaving like royals on the world stage. Yes, this July 4th might be seen to celebrate not the revo...Show More

45:40 | Jul 2nd

President Trump became the first American president to enter North Korea. That's the good news. He also seems to be heading for a deal with North Korea that may freeze their nuclear arsenal at 20-60 warheads. That's not so good. It's not good because...Show More

59:48 | Jun 27th

So, there was this war with Iran, remember? Then there wasn't. Then there were cyberattacks. But what did they do? And were they legal? And why did we do them? And isn't all this making another war in the Middle East more likely--whether Trump wants ...Show More

52:21 | Jun 25th

From one perspective, this is not a particularly auspicious moment for women at the top ranks of the US government. There are fewer women in leadership roles in the Trump Administration and then, of course, there's the fact the president has been cre...Show More

43:51 | Jun 20th

There's a lot we don't know about cyberwar. But that doesn't mean we can stop progress from happening while we figure it out. So, Russia attacks us, we attack back, escalation occurs and who knows, our officials may or may not tell the president beca...Show More

42:46 | Jun 18th

It is conventional wisdom that Americans want nothing to do with the world save for cheap imports and K-Pop music. Even New York Times columnists say so. But, the reality is far different. In fact, polling suggests the opposite is true. America's wel...Show More

1:10:55 | Jun 14th

In 1780 John Adams wrote "For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other." It was in the Massachusetts Constitution that he was trying to enshrine the idea that the new U....Show More

52:20 | Jun 13th

Anna Fifield, Beijing Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, has written an extraordinary new book providing never before available insights into North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. Deep State Radio regular's Kori Schake of IISS and David Sanger of the N...Show More

42:39 | Jun 11th

Impeachment has become a charged word in our national political debate. But the framers of our Constitution saw it as an essential tool in protecting the integrity of our government and the interests of the American people. Professor Lawrence Tribe, ...Show More

41:37 | Jun 7th

The disinformation war of the President, AG Barr and their associates is unlike any we have ever seen in US history...and this is a country that knows a thing or two about bullshit. But not only is the Team Trump effort more sweeping, but thanks to B...Show More

39:44 | Jun 6th

With his new book, "China's New Red Guard: The Return of Radicalism and the Rebirth of Mao Zedong" author Jude Blanchette describes vividly a shift in the politics of China that has profound implications for that country and the world. In this episod...Show More

50:17 | Jun 4th

Much as the barrage balloons that used to float above London during the blitz were ominous reminders of dire impending threats, so too does the large inflatable Baby Trump that floats over London when the American president visits convey a foreboding...Show More

43:38 | May 30th

Nada Bakos was a CIA targeter during the height of the War on Terror. She has just completed a compelling new book on her experiences on the ground in the Middle East, at the Agency and coping with the White House and other political leaders in Washi...Show More

51:05 | May 24th

From the potential for abuse associated with indictments like those handed down in the case of Julian Assange to the potential for abuse in not handing down such indictments, from the president's continued bullying of his adversaries and those who mi...Show More

44:06 | May 23rd

Deep Staters love to...drink box wine. But sometimes, when they are sober, they also love to read. Sometimes they read when they're drunk, too. But what do they read? And does it help? On this, our annual and much beloved summer reading episode we an...Show More

53:04 | May 21st

Nigel Farage, who got one, certainly does? But who else does? Who might deserve a pumpkin pie? And, while we're at it, do you think that will stop the spread of right wing nuts like Farage? The news suggests no. So what's to be done? And...what about...Show More

57:01 | May 17th

Trump talks tough. But like most bullies, he shies away from any real fight. The problem is talking tough increases tensions and that raises the risk of accidental war (made more possible by the fact our National Security Advisor is a pyromaniac with...Show More

47:24 | May 14th

As one of our guests on this week's episode, Max Bergmann of the Center for American Progress pointed out, the Trump Administration presents the so-called "Zebra Problem." Zebra's stripes might not appear great camouflage against green or ground plai...Show More

55:58 | May 10th

The Speaker of the House and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee have declared we are in a Constitutional Crisis. The White House has adopted a policy of "total stonewalling" denying any documents to any House committee to enable mandated overs...Show More

45:51 | May 9th

Where do we start? Trump renews his video bromance with Vladimir Putin and Putin smiles. Then they collude to agree they didn't collude. 800 prosecutors say Trump should be charged with multiple felony counts for obstruction and while they're at it, ...Show More

49:25 | May 7th

It has long been a foundational belief of political smarties everywhere that the average American does not give a hoot about foreign policy. But that, according to a new study from the Center for American Progress, is just not true. Maybe 20 percent ...Show More

58:29 | May 3rd

You've seen him in Scandal, Private Practice & Grey's basically ever single Shonda Rhimes show that you're obsessed with Paul Adelstein has been in. Paul and Emily bonded over their Midwest roots talking theater, politics and everything i...Show More

40:04 | May 2nd

David Sanger of the New York Times joins Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law and Kori Schake of IISS to discuss why the president's top advisors don't want their staffs raising the issue of protecting the US from further Russian attacks on our democracy an...Show More

52:54 | Apr 30th

On this episode, our experts Edward Luce of the Financial Times, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University Law Center and Kori Schake of IISS reveal the secret and disturbingly advanced plans of Donald Trump to blow the international system that America h...Show More

38:01 | Apr 25th

It has been a busy week in foreign affairs even if you have been too glued to the Mueller Report, the White House Easter Egg roll and Game of Thrones to pay any attention. Ukraine elected a comedian with no government experience as president and whil...Show More

52:38 | Apr 23rd

No, the Mueller report was not about exoneration. No, it was not about politics. But one thing it was about at its inception was that the US had been attacked by a foreign enemy and we wanted to find out why. Presumably with the intent of stopping it...Show More

1:07:04 | Apr 19th

Sick of the Mueller Report tsunami of news and commentary? Zoning out on tepid hot takes from the usual suspects? Want to know what the Mueller Report really means, what's next, what went wrong, why this isn't the end but the beginning and why Don, J...Show More

48:01 | Apr 16th

We'll get some of the Mueller Report later this week. Or the Barr version of the Mueller Report. And it is certain to prove the president innocent...or guilty. Hot takes will fly. But as our guests Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and Ed Luce of ...Show More

1:11:29 | Apr 12th

This week on “Washington for Beautiful People,” Emily’s special guest is a chef, entrepreneur, father, teacher, author, television host and the guy who eats all the strange shit….Andrew Zimmern. Andrew and Emily talk politics but dive into a discussi...Show More

45:12 | Apr 11th

The US has designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, the first time it has done so with a foreign military. Some see this as the ratcheting up of tensions and a prelude to war. Some see it as another gift to the re-election c...Show More

40:06 | Apr 9th

According to the president, we have a crisis on our southern border. And we have national security threats from N. Korea to Venezuela to Iran. And yet, we don't have a Secretary of Defense, of the Air Force, a WH Chief of Staff, a UN Ambassador and w...Show More

55:59 | Apr 5th

“Washington for Beautiful People” hit the road for a very special episode taped from the campus of Yale University. CNN’s two favorite political minds Asha Rangappa & Sam Vinograd joined Emily for a wide (very wide) ranging discussion about Trump, fa...Show More

43:52 | Apr 4th

As we look toward 2020 will it matter that apparently the White House was handing out security clearances like candy on Halloween? Will Trump's horrible foreign policy matter? (Or will the ways he attempts to spin it as a yuge success?) And can Joe B...Show More

35:01 | Apr 2nd

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut has since entering the U.S. Senate in 2013 emerged as one of its leading voices on foreign policy and, especially on the issue of the War in Yemen, has become a voice of conscience that has led one of the rare inst...Show More

44:45 | Apr 2nd

According to our Kori Schake of IISS, a military term for a strategy document is a "pony blanket." On this episode we do the unthinkable and discuss our "strategies" (and we use the term loosely) in the Americas at the moment--in Venezuela, on our bo...Show More

1:07:06 | Mar 29th

What do you get when you combine four mouthy tweople (that 's people on twitter.) You get chaos, laughter, political conversation and did I mention chaos? On this special episode of "Washington for Beautiful People," Emily is joined by the shy Philip...Show More

43:56 | Mar 28th

The current leadership in the UK may or may not be the worst since the low points of Plantagenet rule. Our experts Ed Luce of the Financial Times, Kori Schake of IISS, and Amanda Sloat of Brookings, consider this, the likelihood that a Robin Hood is ...Show More

40:03 | Mar 26th

Few journalists have so distinguished themselves in their coverage of the Trump-Russia investigations as has Natasha Bertrand, staff writer for the Atlantic and analyst for NBC News. We discuss the recent developments in the case from the Barr letter...Show More

41:34 | Mar 26th

Despite the pronouncements of the Trump Administration that the president has been fully exonerated (and those by his spokesperson that people who accused him are guilty of treason and should be put to death), let's not get ahead of ourselves. Especi...Show More

35:28 | Mar 22nd

Diedrich Bader was born in D.C, lived in Paris, Dad worked for the CIA (yup, that CIA) and he has an IMDB page that's longer than a CVS receipt. I think it's official, Diedrich Bader just claimed the title as the most interesting man in the world. Gr...Show More

31:38 | Mar 21st

In this episode of Deep State Radio, David Rothkopf remains in an undisclosed location, and Rosa Brooks -- the Mike Pence of Deep State Radio (or maybe the Harry Truman?) -- again steps in as host. Rosa, Ed Luce and Heather Hurlburt wonder if the US ...Show More

44:46 | Mar 19th

In this episode of Deep State Radio, David Rothkopf takes a "vacation," and Rosa Brooks steps in as hostess with the mostest. Ed Luce tell listeners that the prospects of a brand new Brexit referendum are looking brighter in the United Kingdom, and o...Show More

43:04 | Mar 15th

Washington for Beautiful People is where entertainment and politics meet, so who better to talk about this than Entertainment Weekly Senior Reporter Anthony Breznican. On this episode, Anthony and I talk about celebrity involvement in politics and ho...Show More

49:11 | Mar 14th

Lurid and sleazy are everyday descriptions in Trumpworld but the world was nonetheless stunned by revelations of a South Florida madam who founded a chain of spas recently busted for human trafficking and how she has become a Mar-a-Lago insider & GOP...Show More

45:50 | Mar 12th

For a man who’s word means nothing and who never met a lie he didn’t like, it is hard to imagine how Donald Trump could produce something even more meaningless than the stream-of-consciousness Twitterized nonsense he offers up daily.  But there is on...Show More

38:28 | Mar 11th

America and India are entering a rough patch in the relationship between the world’s two biggest democracies.  Trade issues are at the center of the current trouble but the problems go deeper.  And of course, we have seen disturbing tension between I...Show More

52:35 | Mar 8th

It's not often that America's Sweetheart exclaims "this conversation is going to drive me to drink." That's the sign of a fiery conversation about Trump, politics and giving back. Valerie Bertinelli has graced our tv screens as an actress and as a fo...Show More

44:40 | Mar 7th

Jared Kushner is in charge of the US relations with the Saudis (among others). How's that working for us? Is he the one giving the Saudis the thumbs up that they can abuse human rights to their hearts content without any consequences if they only acc...Show More

40:49 | Mar 5th

David Sanger was in Hanoi for the failed negotiations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. He recommends the food, the US approaches to the negotiation not so much. Apparently, leaving it to two megalomaniacal leaders who think they have the skill t...Show More

38:17 | Mar 4th

Five years ago, the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine began. That was followed by the annexation of Crimea, US and European sanctions and, soon after, by stepped Russian efforts to undermine the leaders and parties in the West that were opposing hi...Show More

47:28 | Mar 1st

Craig's college fallback plan was to become a tv writer and when you're as talented and funny as he is, a TV writer is a great fallback plan. Signing with an agent while a senior in college (overachiever) he and his writing partner Carter Bays quickl...Show More

39:59 | Feb 28th

Depending on your view of history and human life, the Michael Cohen circus on television this Wednesday was the third or fourth most important story of the day (that we know of). Certainly, a shooting war between two nuclear powers like India and Pak...Show More

43:54 | Feb 26th

Sometimes the experts at Deep State Radio harbor a slight but noticeable skepticism about the foreign policy acumen of Donald Trump and the band of ignorant thugs around him. But in this episode, nuclear experts Joe Cirincione and Jeffrey Lewis and D...Show More

40:23 | Feb 23rd

Once upon a time Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer wrote a blockbuster book called "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy." Deep State Radio Host David Rothkopf slammed it. But if you are tuning in to hear the two of them go at each other, you'll be...Show More

56:49 | Feb 22nd

Everyone has a story to tell and Elena Nicolaou has a helluva one. For years Elena and her family were close friends with Paul Erickson and his girlfriend Maria Butina...yes that Maria Butina. (The "alleged" Russian spy.) Elena details the relationsh...Show More

43:28 | Feb 21st

Donald Trump’s America has so alienated our traditional allies that when Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump went to the Munich Security Conference this past week, they were humiliated on more than one occasion by a clearly hostile crowd.  But our problem is...Show More

44:37 | Feb 20th

In America today we face the shocking reality that there are traitors at the highest level of our government selling out our country.  What makes this more shocking is that depending on which party you are in, you see a different group of traitors.  ...Show More

40:14 | Feb 19th

In his 37 year career in the U.S. Army, General Charles Jacoby rose to become the commanding general of U.S. Northcom and the North American Aerospace Defense Command and a leading thinker of some of the most pressing issues the U.S. military faces. ...Show More

44:46 | Feb 15th

They're twitter's dynamic duo: he's the peanut butter to her jelly, the Mickey to her Minnie, the Batman get the point. These two guests are hilarious and when you bring them together on this podcast, THEY ARE FIRE. You'd think that leading ...Show More

44:53 | Feb 14th

Virginia's leadership mess obscures deeper problems within the state...and the country. How do our flaws--from racism to anti-semitism to our corrupt current leadership--impact America's standing and create opportunities for our enemies? Join Rosa Br...Show More

45:51 | Feb 12th

What if Rosa Brooks was president? What if Kori Schake were? What about Evelyn Farkas? We live in an era of strong women candidates...what about strong women from the Deep State? Tune in and you will discover that's the answer to all our problems...i...Show More

41:54 | Feb 11th

In an in-depth conversation with former National Security Advisor to Vice President Joe Biden Colin Kahl, now of Stanford University, we discuss the unsettling reality of Trump Administration foreign policy for American interests and for those of our...Show More

51:21 | Feb 8th

What if I told you I know this guy who counts U.S. Presidents as fans, has been on the New York Times Bestseller list (many times) & created a tv show that featured a little known actor named Bradley Cooper. You'd say this sounds like a character fro...Show More

22:14 | Feb 7th

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, is a soft-spoken, thoughtful man who does not at first glance seem to be the kind of person who might put a fright into the most powerful man in the world. But Schiff's announcement...Show More

39:26 | Jan 29th

Congressman Ted Lieu of California, is one of the smartest, hardest working members of the U.S. Congress. A member of the Democratic Leadership, Lieu, brings an undergraduate degree in computer science from Stanford, a magna cum laude law degree from...Show More

42:02 | Jan 29th

Roger Stone was very upset the FBI made his dog anxious when they raided his home. He also was unhappy he did not have chance to put on a nice suit before being hauled in court. On the other hand, who cares? He's a big time sleaze and deserves eve...Show More

50:37 | Jan 25th

You may know Asha Rangappa as the witty, brilliant legal & national security analyst that graces your television screens on CNN. But, I know her as my tap dancing, french fry loving snark sister. What makes Asha's voice so important in today's polit...Show More

48:42 | Jan 24th

If the shutdown in Washington drags on and with it animosity between the political parties grows, will the remainder of Trump's first term be marked by gridlock in DC...and a president forced to turn overseas to make his mark? What might that mark b...Show More

37:56 | Jan 23rd

For more than 30 years, John McLaughlin has been one of the most thoughtful and trusted minds in the U.S. Intelligence Community rising to be Acting Director of Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. He sees no precedent f...Show More

50:00 | Jan 22nd

Donald Trump has the figure and muscle tone of a baby whale but he moved through the MLK Memorial in Washington on Monday like Usain Bolt. Traveling with the equally intolerant and odious Mike Pence, the U.S. president was in and out of the memorial...Show More

48:29 | Jan 18th

After 300 rejection letters from local newspapers around the country, Warren Leight decided it was time to ditch his journalistic pursuits, and we're lucky he did. Warren has always had his thumb on America's political pulse merging the most topical ...Show More

41:35 | Jan 17th

Trump may be a disaster as a person and as a president. But he may also be triggering a rebirth in American political thought and a flowering of new policy ideas. The progressive branch of the Democratic Party is in the lead at the moment, but with...Show More

44:32 | Jan 15th

We're finally getting there folks. It is not the government shutdown. It is not the hyper-politicization of everything. But thanks to Donald Trump and recent revelations about the Russia probe, we may be getting to a point where even persnickety l...Show More

48:05 | Jan 14th

General Mark Hertling served for 37 years in the U.S. military, rising to become Commanding General of the U.S. Army Europe. Since his retirement, he has become well-known as a commentator on television and on social media. He discusses what went w...Show More

43:50 | Jan 11th

Hillary Clinton's senior advisor Philippe Reines has had a unique career path, to say the least. He never imagined that his job would circle him around the globe as HRC's right hand man or that he would be called on to go "method" and role play as Tr...Show More

47:26 | Jan 10th

In this, our second year in review episode for the year ahead we look at US domestic developments in the next 12 months. The bad news is--they're pretty bleak. The good news is--we tell them to you in advance so you can sleep through the whole year...Show More

50:24 | Jan 8th

As we have learned, these days years seem much longer than they used to. So, as a special service to Deep State nation, your favorite podsters are providing you with all of 2019 in two compact 45 minute episodes. The first looks at what is going to...Show More

1:07:25 | Jan 4th

We’re on holiday break this week, but we wanted to be sure you got your Deep State Radio fix. Welcome to the Best of Deep State Radio. In this edition, we’ve stitched together our favorite 1 on 1's episodes. Enjoy!

2:48:32 | Jan 3rd

Happy Holidays from Deep State Radio! We’re on holiday break this week, but we wanted to be sure you got your Deep State Radio fix. Welcome to the Best of Deep State Radio. In this edition, we’ve stitched together our Emergency Episodes! Happy listen...Show More

1:17:17 | Dec 27th, 2018

Happy Holidays from Deep State Radio! We’re on holiday break this week, but we wanted to be sure you got your Deep State Radio fix. Welcome to the Best of Deep State Radio. In this edition, we’ve stitched together our episodes of the Kavanaugh Hearin...Show More

1:46:55 | Dec 26th, 2018

Happy Holidays from Deep State Radio! We’re on holiday break this week, but we wanted to be sure you got your Deep State Radio fix. Welcome to the Best of Deep State Radio. In this edition, we’ve stitched together our milestone episodes including...Show More

1:31:31 | Dec 26th, 2018

Happy Holidays from Deep State Radio! We’re on holiday break this week, but we wanted to be sure you got your Deep State Radio fix. Welcome to the Best of Deep State Radio. In this edition, we’ve stitched together our milestone episodes including...Show More

1:01:56 | Dec 21st, 2018

Not everyone can claim Kermit the Frog, Miss. Piggy and Fozzie Bear as their friends. Not everyone can say they created the most successful sitcom on television. And certainly, not everyone can say they were awarded the Anti- Defamation League Enter...Show More

42:14 | Dec 20th, 2018

What made the Tiara of Optimism sparkle in 2018? And who? We pick the positive stories of the past year and the people for whom we are the most grateful so that you can enjoy your holidays in the right spirit of optimism. (Which is the only way yo...Show More

40:43 | Dec 19th, 2018

The latest edition of Deep State Radio's National Security Magazine offers up an in-depth interview with one of the most distinguished leaders the U.S. intelligence community has produced, General James Clapper. Culminating his 54 year career in the...Show More

45:43 | Dec 18th, 2018

Santa is not the only one who knows whether you have been naughty or nice. The rest of the Deep State knows too. And by the rest of the Deep State, we mean...yes, Santa is one of us. Of course. On this episode, using our intelligence assets on th...Show More

49:44 | Dec 14th, 2018

What does Trump, podcasts and Patti Lupone have in common: Jon Cryer. On Washington for Beautiful People Jon and Emily discuss Trump, twitter trolls, podcasting and (wait for it) Patti Lupone. While most people know Jon Cryer as Duckie from "Pretty i...Show More

51:54 | Dec 13th, 2018

The U.S. Senate, not recently known for its courage or willingness to stand up to President Donald Trump, sent the entire Trump Administration an acid rebuke on Thursday when it voted to stop funding for U.S. support of the War in Yemen and passed a ...Show More

36:03 | Dec 12th, 2018

David Sanger of the New York Times discusses how the Trump Administration's decision to pull out of the INF Treaty because of Russian non-compliance may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unwinding of the foundational nuclear agreeme...Show More

47:28 | Dec 11th, 2018

The Economist named former Foreign Secretary and famed unmade bed Boris Johnson as its idiot of the year. Ed Luce of the Financial Times, joins our discussion to explain why. Then Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund and Rosa Brooks of Georget...Show More

39:18 | Dec 7th, 2018

When TV Writer Nell Scovell wrote her now famous tell all expose in Vanity Fair about the behind the scenes exploits at Late Night with David Letterman, some thought it would ruin her career. But, the essay--a critical moment on the path to our "Me T...Show More

47:22 | Dec 6th, 2018

We can debate the policy and personal successes and failures of George H.W. Bush but there is no question that his example stands in stark contrast to that of America's current president and many in the generation of political leaders around him. Th...Show More

46:28 | Dec 5th, 2018

Relax. Keep your champagne on ice. Donald Trump is still president of the United States. And his foreign policy--which is a crudely mixed cocktail of racism and greed with a twist of incompetence--is still what America is serving up to the world. ...Show More

43:31 | Dec 4th, 2018

Tony liked ducks. He was introspective enough to enter therapy. He loved his family. He had a code of ethics. He even drank every so often. He had a soul. He was likable. In short, he was everything our president is not. But would you really ...Show More

48:57 | Nov 30th, 2018

When Josh Campbell joined the FBI, he was told one thing: FBI doesn’t lie. Josh worked for Comey, he worked for Mueller and learned that integrity is the backbone of the Bureau. So when faced with a President who couldn’t find “truth” with a map, Wa...Show More

27:05 | Nov 29th, 2018

Responding to the reports of Michael Cohen's Trump Tower Moscow lies and guilty plea, the rising star Congressman from California, Rep. Eric Swalwell, reveals where the new Congress is likely to take investigations into Trump's business ties and thei...Show More

40:39 | Nov 29th, 2018

New from the Deep State Radio Network, National Security Magazine will be a regular podcast series featuring long-form interviews with important national security newsmakers. In this week's episode we feature a conversation with Wendy Sherman, the f...Show More

48:26 | Nov 29th, 2018

When Donald Trump was presented with the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in the US elections (of which he was Exhibit A) he said, "I don't believe it." When presented with proof of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's role in o...Show More

50:57 | Nov 27th, 2018

Trump has forged an indelible bond not with our allies nor with the American people (a majority of whom can't stand him) but with a group of really bad men worldwide who are not just evil, they're creeps. Vlad. Bibi. Duterte. And of course, now t...Show More

39:11 | Nov 22nd, 2018

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the USA. It's a warm, friendly, family holiday provided that a.) your family does not discuss politics, b.) your unhinged uncle does not drink too much and c.) the indoor deep-fryer does not burn the whole house down. M...Show More

48:14 | Nov 20th, 2018

Who needs relatives? Join your Deep State family for a cheerful holiday discussion of the Turkeys of the Year, the losers, jerks, criminals, and large orange embarrassments that made the past year as unappetizing as an under-cooked Butterball. Our ...Show More

47:58 | Nov 15th, 2018

Yemen has become a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale of few others in the recent history of the planet. 14 million people live on the verge of famine. Tens of thousands are dead. And despite gestures in the direction of bringing the conflict to ...Show More

42:04 | Nov 13th, 2018

Trump's Europe trip was a rare multi-tiered fiasco, a kind of mille feuille of fiascos, at which the disasters operated on many levels--his alienation of our allies, his insults to our troops, his vanity, his cozying up to villains, his fear of getti...Show More

27:31 | Nov 9th, 2018

There are constitutional reasons why Mathew Whitaker should not succeed Jeff Sessions as even the Acting Attorney General of the US. There are legal reasons. There are ethical reasons. But none of these stopped Donald Trump from beginning the late...Show More

21:33 | Nov 9th, 2018

It is one week after the shootings in Pittsburgh and 80 years after Kristallnacht. How deep do the rivers of hate in America today run? How much culpability do our political leaders have for channeling that hate into our daily discourse? Who is pu...Show More

37:20 | Nov 8th, 2018

Donald Trump said the mid-terms were a huge success (they weren't), that he did better than other presidents during their first mid-term elections (he didn't), that he had the touch of gold and only those who ran away from him suffered (not true). O...Show More

44:44 | Nov 5th, 2018

Americans will finally get to express themselves at the ballot box after two years of division, turmoil, lies and lurid headlines. Election Day is here. Our Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake and Ed Luce get together to help you all prepare for the election....Show More

33:07 | Nov 1st, 2018

With the midterm elections days away, our experts discuss just what the past two years have taught us about Trump, about the American electorate, and about the world. We also talk about where we are headed and what we can expect from the next two ye...Show More

38:09 | Oct 30th, 2018

Brazil elects a hard-right candidate who is a threat to democracy. The BRICs are no longer the harbingers of progress we thought them to be. Angela Merkel, who has stepped up in the Era of Trump to be the Leader of the Free World. And Donald Trump...Show More

44:32 | Oct 25th, 2018

The Kashoggi murder has rocked the Middle East. The underlying crime was so horrific, its cover-up has been so pathetic and unpersuasive, and the position of the US administration has only compounded the outrage. The question is: Will this change a...Show More

41:18 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Harvard's Stephen Walt has written a timely book called "The Hell of Good Intentions: America's Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy"...which is just exactly the kind of subject you would expect Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, and Ed Luce t...Show More

23:10 | Oct 18th, 2018

Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay, two of America's leading foreign policy experts have written an in-depth analysis of Donald Trump's tenure to date as president. It is a withering critique, but more importantly it assesses not just how Trump's policy ...Show More

41:32 | Oct 18th, 2018

While the Trump Administration may get much Trumpier with the personnel changes expected after Election Day, a Democratic victory on November 6th that brought them control of the House of Representatives is likely to create a check on Trump's impulse...Show More

48:17 | Oct 16th, 2018

In the Financial Times our own Ed Luce discusses how Trump's attacks on the truth and his enemies have moved us toward fascism and where he has fallen short of achieving key steps on the road toward that brand of authoritarianism. Our panel includin...Show More

48:32 | Oct 11th, 2018

Values matter. Well, at least the appearance of having values matter. Well, at least they always did until Donald Trump came along. Now, around the world foreign leaders know that the US is in it for whatever Donald Trump thinks is best for Donald...Show More

43:51 | Oct 9th, 2018

How much are foreign policy elites responsible for the rise of nationalist, anti-globalist views worldwide? How much is the retreat of American leadership responsible for the willingness of dictators and authoritarians worldwide to be their worst sel...Show More

47:38 | Oct 4th, 2018

Most of Deep State Radio’s cutting edge, youthful listeners are probably too young to remember the song the title references (“Mrs. Brown You Had a Lovely Daughter” by Herman’s Hermits). But so were all of us at Deep State Radio. We’re just very we...Show More

45:31 | Oct 2nd, 2018

The political furor around the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court may seem like pure domestic US politics, but the implications for America’s role in the world are serious. Not only does the chaos in the US symptom send a disconcerti...Show More

21:55 | Sep 27th, 2018

Spent your day listening to the Kavanaugh hearings? We did too. And we wanted to offer up some real time insights and perspectives on what was a dramatic and historic day. We do this in the form of one of our new series of "Briefs and Debriefs", t...Show More

41:59 | Sep 27th, 2018

There are assholes everywhere you look these days, especially in positions of power. The result is high assholery in our policies and our political debates which, frankly, is not only not good for us but it’s kind of hard to take. When do we finall...Show More

37:30 | Sep 25th, 2018

We have the most solipsistic president in American history offering up the most solipsistic foreign policy ever at a time when the me-me-me generation are busy taking selfies and other pols the planet over are trying to play that self-centeredness to...Show More

46:42 | Sep 20th, 2018

With a couple of recent good articles in The Atlantic, leading thinkers like Peter Beinart and Thomas Wright have begun to ask the critical question: "What's next for US foreign policy?" Our experts Ed Luce of the Financial Times, David Sanger of th...Show More

43:37 | Sep 18th, 2018

It's that time of day. The sun is setting. You're a little parched. Maybe more than a little due to the fireball on the horizon. What's just the right cocktail for the moment? On this episode of Deep State Radio we speak with nuclear weapons spe...Show More

45:27 | Sep 13th, 2018

The release of Bob Woodward's book "Fear" and the recent anonymous oped in the New York Times claiming to be by a senior official who is mounting the resistance to Trump from within the administration raise important questions about what is the best ...Show More

41:53 | Sep 11th, 2018

Brick by brick the Trump team is not building a wall, it's dismantling the international order. The latest move--an attack on the International Criminal Court by National Security Advisor John Bolton. Should you care? Isn't this just an inside bas...Show More

36:18 | Sep 6th, 2018

Every report out of the Trump White House tells the same story. Whether it's the anonymous op-ed from a "senior Trump Administration official" in the New York Times or Bob Woodward's book "Fear" or the Omarosa book or the Wolff book or countless new...Show More

40:04 | Sep 6th, 2018

The White House is a shambles. The president is an object of ridicule among his closest aides. The Congress is looking the other way seeming to want to rush a Supreme Court nominee into office before the President is himself hustled before a judge. ...Show More

49:02 | Sep 4th, 2018

In a brilliant bit of turnabout, John McCain's last act was to use his own funeral to bury Donald Trump. By excluding him from the ceremonies and featuring leaders of both parties extolling values and virtues alien to Trump, McCain made an eloquent ...Show More

36:41 | Aug 30th, 2018

Donald Trump's track record as an international deal-maker is perfect. He still has not made one major deal of any sort anywhere with anyone (except maybe with a nice gentleman in Moscow, but we'll leave that be for now.). He has undone a bunch of d...Show More

37:18 | Aug 28th, 2018

Donald Trump has wrapped himself so tightly in the flag he could be America’s first July 4th mummy but while his true colors may be red white and blue it increasingly appears they may look more like the Russian flag than Old Glory. First, he showed ...Show More

47:40 | Aug 23rd, 2018

While the intelligence and law enforcement communities reel from the president's attacks, Donald Trump has sent further signals that he expects personal loyalty above loyalty to the nation from all of his team across the whole of government. He has ...Show More

58:27 | Aug 23rd, 2018

This week in important Steven Tyler news, the Aerosmith front man demanded that Donald Trump stop playing his band's song "Livin' on the Edge" at their rallies. And he makes a good point. Trump is past that point and may want to consider more appro...Show More

48:13 | Aug 21st, 2018

As reports have come in of Russia escalating its attacks on American democracy, our President has hopped into action escalating his war against the people who are protecting us from the Russians. Trump has begun a campaign of stripping security clea...Show More

44:03 | Aug 16th, 2018

With great fanfare Donald Trump did the presidential equivalent of stuffing a pair of athletic socks down his pants and announced the new defense spending bill. It was, as might be expected, yuge. Once again we will outspend China by four or five t...Show More

48:02 | Aug 14th, 2018

Nothing is more core to the life of the Deep State than marking documents classified. After all, if just anyone could read them, who'd want to? On the other hand, if documents are classified, they can't be shared which is a bit of a problem in the ...Show More

52:18 | Aug 9th, 2018

Summer Reading Edition: On this special episode of a podcast so special it doesn't need special episodes but can't help doing them anyway, we delve into the world of books. Georgetown's Rosa Brooks, IISS' Kori Schake and the Financial Times Ed Luce ...Show More

51:22 | Aug 7th, 2018

Did you know that Ed Luce was once on a cricket team that Imran Khan occasionally would coach during breaks in his high profile high society dating life? That Rosa Brooks briefly played on a cricket team at Oxford? That Kori went to a cricket match...Show More

41:32 | Aug 2nd, 2018

In which we start with cricket get to Imram Khan, discuss how hunky he was as a young cricketer and how his populism and the nukes he now controls may make him somewhat less attractive. Then on to the expanding realm of hybrid warfare, what it means...Show More

47:44 | Jul 31st, 2018

In the latest Deep State Radio our friends Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, Kori Schake of IISS and Evelyn Farkas of the Atlantic Council offer secrets into how they remain so well-informed. It all turns on fiction, apparently and those who rem...Show More

45:54 | Jul 26th, 2018

If only someone had told us that Trump has distrusted alliances and the international order his whole life, that he was close to Russia and Russians, that he was unhinged and wholly unqualified for the presidency! If only we had known! Maybe then w...Show More

45:56 | Jul 24th, 2018

A lonely old man wandering the White House late at night in his bathrobe, perhaps with a half-eaten McDonald's cheeseburger in his pocket gets angry at the angry that he hits the ALL CAPS button on his cellphone and starts to Tweet out thr...Show More

53:44 | Jul 19th, 2018

As Richard Nixon might have said, "What are we going to do when we don't have Western Civilization to kick around any more?" Things happen fast in this bad old world and a few years is a enough time for the wheels to come flying off the damn cart. ...Show More

55:31 | Jul 16th, 2018

Donald Trump completed the most unsuccessful foreign trip of any president since Theodore Roosevelt, who took the first foreign trip, with a disastrous summit for the ages. Critics on the right and left called it an embarrassment, a disaster, or wor...Show More

53:01 | Jul 12th, 2018

If, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders alleged, it was a lousy breakfast that had White House Chief of Staff squirm while President Donald Trump kicked off the NATO Summit with an attack on Germany, then someone needs to get a Denny's Grand Slam to Rosa Brook...Show More

49:37 | Jul 10th, 2018

With America's foreign policy savant, our president leaving the country this week it's easy to understand the fireworks and celebrations last week. Now we get to share him with the rest of the world--including our NATO allies, the keepers of our spe...Show More

41:23 | Jul 5th, 2018

The GOP could win in November and maintain its hold on both houses of Congress. Which Donald Trump would find encouraging. And might lead him to be even more like...himself. And that might lead his base to re-elect him. And we could have six and ...Show More

48:50 | Jul 2nd, 2018

50 years ago the multilateral agreement that kept us all from blowing ourselves to smithereens was signed. And look, we're not smithereens, so that's good, right? On the other hand...North Korea. And Iran. And a president who wants new nukes that...Show More

47:10 | Jun 28th, 2018

At the end of the Cold War, the West triumphantly crowed that it was our open societies and the information revolution that ultimately defeated the USSR. They lost because people deprived of information simply couldn't compete. Now however, as we e...Show More

49:15 | Jun 26th, 2018

On this special episode of Deep State Radio we get a sneak peak at the latest work of our own David Sanger (who we share with the New York Times and his students at Harvard's Kennedy School). The book, "The Perfect Weapon", is the definitive work on...Show More

45:53 | Jun 21st, 2018

As Deep State Radio's resident Constitutional scholar (and Associate Dean of Georgetown Law School) Rosa Brooks explains, the legal threshold for designating behavior as treasonous is quite narrow. But as she also points out, it would be up to Congr...Show More

40:15 | Jun 19th, 2018

Deep State Radio's own Kori Schake wrote an important piece about the current threat to the international order posed by the Trump Administration. In this episode we discuss the article and just exactly how grievous the threat is and how we ought to...Show More

41:47 | Jun 14th, 2018

The president salutes a North Korean general while praising that countries murderous leader. Babies are torn from their mother's breasts by our border police and children are housed in concentration camps. Loyalty lists are being compiled within th...Show More

48:29 | Jun 12th, 2018

The U.S. has done plenty wrong in its history. There are millions around the world that have been victims of flaws in U.S. foreign policy. But since the early part of the 20th Century there has at least been a myth that Americans could cling to tha...Show More

47:14 | Jun 7th, 2018

The recent round of primary elections in the US don't seem to show a groundswell of public indignation over the fact that the president of the United States has obstructed justice, is a pathological liar, is profoundly corrupt and is, at the very lea...Show More

59:26 | Jun 5th, 2018

On this, the historic, 100th episode of Deep State Radio (once called by Bridget Jones "the world's most important podcast") our usual band of troublemakers discuss just how much worse off the world is 100 podcasts later than it was we started. Coul...Show More

40:32 | May 31st, 2018

Yes, this episode is about the rise of China and America's woeful unpreparedness for this epoch making event. But when guest Anna Fifield, Tokyo Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, sees a cockroach crawling through her Tokyo apartment during the br...Show More

42:33 | May 29th, 2018

Their courtship will go down in history with those of Romeo & Juliet, Tristan & Isolde, and Goldman and Sachs. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have had their spats to be sure...but what's a little pre-nuclear foreplay between true loves. Now, all that...Show More

37:02 | May 24th, 2018

The president's wife carries industrial strength disinfecting wipes wherever she goes because her man is a germaphobe. But when it comes to the growing ebola outbreak in Africa, he seems anything but prepared. (Pro tip for POTUS: The wipes won't he...Show More

39:24 | May 22nd, 2018

One thing about the tough guys in the Trump Administration, when it comes to foreign policy they sure do have colorful fantasies. Mike Pompeo's wish list for Iran is as far fetched as a fairy-tale but less likely to come to life. In North Korea, th...Show More

49:04 | May 17th, 2018

So much for the Nobel Peace Prize. So much for the celebration in Jerusalem. So much for teaching those Iranians a lesson. So much for witch hunts. So much for so much that our heads are spinning...much like this crazy world we all live on. On t...Show More

45:55 | May 15th, 2018

With boatloads of trouble at home and a Congress unlikely to actually do anything between now and the election, Donald Trump needs to come up with some way to distract from the Mueller investigation and his deepening legal woes. Live Tweeting Fox & ...Show More

40:32 | May 10th, 2018

The president lies. He lies all the time. He can't help but lie. That's why his lawyers consider any move by Robert Mueller to be a perjury trap for Trump. Because any question Mueller and his team will ask is certain to produce over-heated preva...Show More

42:58 | May 7th, 2018

It's a mad whirl these days with more mad than whirl going on. This week alone offers everything from the Iran deal (the one new NRA president Ollie North did back in the day) to the Iran deal (the one Donald Trump hates). It offers a debate about ...Show More

46:04 | May 3rd, 2018

How are we supposed to concentrate on nuclear weapons dramas in the Middle East and the Koreas, new U.S. special forces deployments, Bibi Netanyahu doing his best Gallagher prop-comedy impression and all the other lunacy going on in the world with al...Show More

54:42 | May 1st, 2018

Move are afoot--everywhere. In the Koreas, North and South are posturing pre-negotiations while back in the U.S. the president is writing his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. In the Middle East, Israel is working with the U.S. (and maybe the Saudis) ...Show More

48:49 | Apr 26th, 2018

Not since Chevy Chase's European Vacation has an American brought so much mayhem to U.S. Trans-Atlantic Relations. Perhaps new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo can start to make amends on his first trip as America's chief diplomat. But if the recent ...Show More

51:11 | Apr 24th, 2018

With John Bolton loose in the West Wing, what will happen to US foreign policy? Deep State Radio's Rosa Brooks hosts in David Rothkopf's absence, joined by regulars Kori Schake of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and Ed Luce from the...Show More

46:41 | Apr 19th, 2018

When Donald Trump thinks about Kim Jong Un he sees Stormy Daniels. At least he sees what he saw that night long ago with Ms. Daniels, which is something that he wanted very very much, that he needed to the exclusion of everything else. He yearns fo...Show More

49:54 | Apr 17th, 2018

The Syria strike was likely highly ineffective due to the fact that it was limited in impact, came without a long-term strategy or much likelihood of follow-up actions to end the use of chemical weapons or the wholesale slaughter of Syrians. But wai...Show More

47:01 | Apr 13th, 2018

Every day in Trumpassic Era seems like a million years in geological time. Sex scandals, echoes of old pee tapes, pending missile strikes in search of a strategy, waves of national security experts leaving the White House, the president calling the ...Show More

52:02 | Apr 10th, 2018

John Bolton’s first day as National Security Advisor presents him with the kind of opportunities he has waited his entire life for—a choice between worsening relations and possible military action against Syria, Iran and North Korea. Where will he s...Show More

41:47 | Apr 5th, 2018

The day after Trump leaves office some things will change immediately (like a terrible management style or diplomacy via Twitter or bad relations with Mexico) and some things will take years to fix (like the institutions we have broken or repairing o...Show More

44:40 | Apr 3rd, 2018

Perhaps its his fear of an impending Oprah candidacy but Donald Trump seems to be embracing her tactic of great generosity to her audience. In his case, it is of course, the audience of one he covets most...the one in the Kremlin. And so in this we...Show More

54:21 | Mar 29th, 2018

It looks like the Trump-Kim Summit is a thing. A real thing. That’ll likely happen this Spring. At least, all indicators were pointing in that direction following Kim Jong Un’s stealthy train trip from Pyongyang to Beijing this past week and the f...Show More

55:20 | Mar 25th, 2018

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!David Sanger of the New York Times, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown...Show More

38:17 | Mar 22nd, 2018

He doesn't love democracy. He is aging. He, frankly, doesn't run with a very nice crowd. Oh, and there are all those invasions and murders and all that spying and so on. But Vladimir Putin has now won four elections to be Russia's president...and...Show More

52:01 | Mar 20th, 2018

A recent article in the Atlantic echoed a discussion we had not too long on Deep State Radio about whether or not we are in a "constitutional crisis." The conclusion was we face "rot" not a crisis right now. But is that worse than a crisis because ...Show More

42:56 | Mar 15th, 2018

With so much focus on scandal, corruption, nuclear war, racism, isolationism, protectionism, and nationalism in the era of Trump, we sometimes lose site of the little things. Like the future. Or the urgent problems we have to solve. Or the truth. ...Show More

58:42 | Mar 14th, 2018

Every feel like you're living inside a washing machine in the middle of the spin cycle? We hope it's not because you have a Tide pod in your mouth. Instead, if you're like the typical Deep State Radio listener its because you have a fairly acute ad...Show More