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You Don't Make Free People

54:49 | Aug 5th, 2019

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Each week this August, we’re updating some of our most thought-provoking episodes. This week: writer Casey Gerald reflects on what we lose when we buy into the promise of the American dream. We first ...Show More


michelle_ebooks recommended:Aug 6th, 2019

amazing, powerful episode i listened to when it first came out (this one is an updated version that came out just now in august with an updated interview with casey’s thoughts after the first interview). casey gerald’s story and words are an honest reflection on what he lost when he bought into th...Show More

michelle_ebooksAug 6th, 2019

recovering and re-accessing inner freedom, not just political freedom. and that’s the true liberating work!

dannyAug 7th, 2019

@michelle_ebooks Casey is one insightful (and unique) thinker. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it.

dannyAug 7th, 2019

@mo I think you'll like this one.

moAug 7th, 2019

@danny thanks Dan