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michelle 🌿


podcast evangelist 🥰 📍san francisco enjoy listening to: non-fiction longform narrative, bipoc voices, diaspora stories, feminism, true crime, libraries, education, death, relationships, & anything that’ll move me. learning + unlearning.

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michelle_ebooks recommended:May 20th

ok i love survivor and love matt & bowen and love this ultimate collab!!!!!! i’ve been watching survivor since i was little and since i grew up with the internet also stumbled my way into a lot of survivor discourse/fandoms online. parvati is my favorite of all time on & off the show :’)) the newe...Show More

I thought this episode was...

💬 A great conversation

"Fire Is Family" (w/ Parvati Shallow)

by Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

michelle_ebooks recommended:May 12th

ecstatic to have avery’s articles of interest series about fashion back!! this first ep did not disappoint. i think of these as a loving trust dive into stories i’ve never heard about. i loved that this specific story took me all over the world meditating on the idea of power in fashion, history, an...Show More

A Fantasy of Fashion: Articles of Interest #7

by 99% Invisible

michelle_ebooks recommended:May 12th

wow. the power of learning how to apologize is so important and something i never properly learned to do. as humans, we will always make mistakes and cause harm, but we also can learn the power of apologizing and work toward healing hurt. this is such a gift!

Harriet Lerner and Brené - I’m Sorry: How To Apologize & Why It Matters, Part 1 of 2

by Unlocking Us with Brené Brown