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michelle ✨


podcast evangelist 🥰 📍san francisco enjoy listening to: feminism, non-fiction longform narrative, bipoc voices, diaspora stories, true crime, libraries, education, death, relationships, & anything that’ll move me. learning + unlearning.

Episode Recommendations (73)

michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 25th

reveal investigates the jehovah’s witness religion’s secret documents of probably thousands of instances of child abuse within their congregations. which they refuse! to! share! 🥵 the catholic church’s serial child abusers issue is well known but the jehovah’s witness’ isn’t as reported. it is tru...Show More

Secrets of the Watchtower


michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 13th

i love them both so much!!!!!! they talk candidly about their working relationship, how it came about, and how it is one of the best things in their lives (and mine 😭😭😭). i love how much they love one another, through the good and hard stuff!

Samin Nosrat & Wendy MacNaughton


michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 11th

wowow. little late to this but i absolutely love this experimental podcast from george the poet from london, which combines different forms like poetry, history, fiction, current events, and music!! it feels like i'm hanging out with george and he is really damn cool! it is such an incredible listen...Show More

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