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Houston We Have a Podcast

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The official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center, the home of human spaceflight, stationed in Houston, Texas. We bring space right to you!


0:00 | Jul 28th, 2017

Dr. Takiyah Sirmons, food scientist, talks about space food: what it is, how its packaged, and what happens to an astronauts palate after living in space for several months. HWHAP Episode 4.

0:00 | Jun 26th

Wesley Gordon, program manager at Alpha Space, highlights the facility aboard the International Space Station that provides the capability to test materials and technologies in the harsh environment o...Show More
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0:00 | Jun 19th

James Blair, Robert Markowitz, and Josh Valcarcel are among the NASA photographers who find themselves in the second seat of a T-38 jet, or taking studio portraits, and everywhere in between, document...Show More

0:00 | Jun 12th

Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, co-founders and creative directors of Felix & Paul Studios and the International Space Station Experience Virtual Reality film, go into the details of how they are w...Show More

0:00 | Jun 5th

Jason Derleth, Program Executive for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program at NASA’s Headquarters in Washington, breaks down concepts near science fiction and explains how some find their way into...Show More
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