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CBC Podcast Playlist


CBC Podcast Playlist curates the best content and stories from the podcast world. Each week, your audio DJs Nana aba Duncan and Lindsay Michael sample some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.

Episode Recommendations (35)

podcastplaylist recommended:May 21st

"Fans and journalists embark on a seven-show tour with Rihanna... in seven countries, over seven days, on a Boeing 777, to celebrate her seventh album in seven years. Did we mention this happened seven years ago?"

Diamonds in the Sky

by Snap Judgment

podcastplaylist recommended:Apr 23rd

Samin Nosrat (an Iranian-American chef and the host of the Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) shares the 10 things she's most afraid of. Her list goes much deeper than clowns and spiders.

Samin Nosrat

by 10 Things That Scare Me

podcastplaylist recommended:Mar 31st

"Before the Grammys, before the platinum records, before Destiny's Child, there was just a shy girl growing up in Houston. We follow Beyoncé Knowles from the stages of local talent shows to her first crack at a record deal with the group Girls Tyme."

Beyonce 1: Girls Tyme

by Making Beyoncé