Amity Bros.

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In this new science fiction series, we follow the stories of the first colonists on Mars. Told in the style of classic radio dramas with each episode focusing on a different character, we dive deep into the mysteries of the Red Planet and the people ...Show More

24:21 | Oct 6th, 2017

In this second full episode, Jacki and Chip journey across the Martian surface in order to locate the distress signal, while back in the colony, Keila and ANDI perform surgery on Lieutenant Walker. As we follow the story from ANDI’s perspective, we g...Show More

29:03 | Sep 22nd, 2017

In this first full episode, our colonists awaken from stasis and explore the Martian colony that will become their new home. As we follow the story from Commander Jacki O’Rania’s perspective, we experience some of the harsher realities of interplanet...Show More
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14:10 | Aug 3rd, 2017

Welcome to Marsfall, a new science-fiction series that follows the first colonists settling on the planet Mars. Led by their fearless commander Jacki O’Rania, and assisted by the colonial artificial intelligence unit ANDI, our colonists strive to mak...Show More

43:32 | Oct 18th

We’re very excited to share the series premiere of DUST Horizons with you, an exciting new podcast series from the sci-fi powerhouse DUST! DUST is the first premium sci-fi entertainment brand providing thought-provoking content for the modern age, an...Show More

08:21 | Sep 28th

A new update on the future of Marsfall! We let you know where we will be for the rest of 2019 and also when Season 3 will premiere. We’re also delighted to share the episode “Basics” from our current miniseries, ANDI’s Development. This complete seri...Show More
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