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American Revolution Podcast

Michael Troy

American Revolution Podcast explores the events of the American Revolution, from beginning to end. It publishes weekly. Be sure to check out the related blog for access to pictures, maps, and links to more useful information on each week's episode. ...Show More

26:02 | Jun 16th

The British get off to a late start, not assembling their massive invasion force at New York until August 1776. When they disembark on Staten Island, the Continentals see the largest overseas military force Britain had ever assembled. The British fl...Show More

28:16 | Jun 9th

We review the Declaration line by line and explain what it means. Visit my site at https://blog.AmRevPodcast.com for more text, pictures, maps, and sources on this topic. Book Recommendation of the Week: American Scripture: Making the Declaration of ...Show More
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26:50 | Aug 18th

General Benedict Arnold forces the British fleet to attack him at the location of his choosing, near Valcour Island.  His smaller and less experience force performs well during the battle, but then finds itself trapped by the British. Visit my site a...Show More

27:08 | Aug 11th

After the Continental Army evacuates and the British occupy New York City, a night fire burns a quarter of the town.  The British capture Captain Nathan Hale and hang him as a spy.  The Americans court martial a deserter. Visit my site at https://blo...Show More

28:56 | Aug 4th

France makes plans for covert aid to America.  Silas Deane arrives to encourage such aid.  French foreign minister puts him in contact with a playwright and part-time arms dealer name Beaumarchais.  The British spy network immediately infiltrate all ...Show More
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