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American Revolution Podcast

Michael Troy


American Revolution Podcast explores the events of the American Revolution, from beginning to end. It publishes weekly. Be sure to check out the related blog for access to pictures, maps, and links to more useful information on each week's episode. ...Show More

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26:02 | Jun 16th, 2019

The British get off to a late start, not assembling their massive invasion force at New York until August 1776. When they disembark on Staten Island, the Continentals see the largest overseas military...Show More

28:16 | Jun 9th, 2019

We review the Declaration line by line and explain what it means. Visit my site at for more text, pictures, maps, and sources on this topic. Book Recommendation of the We...Show More
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29:47 | May 31st

As General Burgoyne Launches his Campaign from Canada into upstate New York, General Barry St. Leger leads a second army made up primarily of Native Americans and Loyalists through Western New York's ...Show More

28:50 | May 24th

General William Howe gets a late start to the 1777 fighting campaign, not leaving New York City until the end of July.  He opts to sail all they way to Virginia and then up the Chesapeake Bay to land ...Show More

28:08 | May 17th

The Marquis de Lafayette, a young french noble with dreams of fighting for liberty travels to America to become a major general in the Continental Army.  In doing so, he must overcome skepticism and r...Show More
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