Strange Country

Beth and Kelly, librarians and storytellers

Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a...Show More

1:03:16 | Mar 29th, 2018

They were told it was safe. They were told it put a bloom their cheeks as these young teens and women dipped their radium-coated paintbrushes into their mouths to get the point just right on the watch numbers they painted. And the girls became tickin...Show More

1:02:16 | Nov 14th

Strange Country Episode 119 has it all--greed, betrayal, murder, the hazards of women's fashion, and even patent medicine. Nancy Clem, a 19th century grifter, likely killed her business partner and his wife, but after only about a bazillion trials wa...Show More
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57:30 | Nov 7th

Huuuummmm. If you went in the direction of anything related to a phallus- go turn on another podcast. This one is all about the hum that is heard round the world by 2 percent of the people in the world- and driving them a little crazy. Have you heard...Show More

58:44 | Oct 31st

Velcome Dashounds, to Strange Country: The Halloween Edition. In ep. 117, co-hosts Beth and Kelly talk about the paranormal investigators who started it all, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Hear the story of Annabelle, the doll, and the Snedeker Funeral Home...Show More

47:22 | Oct 24th

Welcome Dear Dash Hounds to another weekly tale of strange behavior from Merkins. Back in the day when slavery was legal and it was illegal to teach slaves to read, there was a woman named Prudence Crandall who knew that was wrong and set to change s...Show More
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