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The Cult of Domesticity

Cult of Domesticity

The Cult of Domesticity is podcast about history, true crime, & whatever life brings us. Courtney is joined by a different amazing person every other episode. So who & what are we going to talk about? Remember to stay domestic & cult free. Check ou...Show More

54:10 | Jul 11th

Dr. Alysa Lucas, Fataliteas & Best Forevers, returns to learn about Cleopatra Ptolemy and confronting how she ruled. What did you not know about Cleopatra?   This episode contains mature subject matter & strong language, so as always, listen at your ...Show More

52:18 | Jun 28th

Prickly Pete & Faye Daniels, Marble Orchard, return to hear all about Alfred the Great, the only English king to be referred to as such. How did Alfred become great? Deal with invasions? Also we debate on medical treatments of the period.   This epis...Show More
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55:36 | May 30th

Augie, The Short Stories of Augie Peterson, returns to hear about the murder of Mrs Julia Martha Thomas by her servant. How does this Victorian crime involve popular naturalist presenter David Attenborough?   This episode contains mature subject matt...Show More

1:06:01 | May 9th

Mike, Drunk Thunks, returns to provide insight into Puritan life and culture. We are thankful for the few accounts that remain from the period.   WARNING: Mature Topics Discussed   EPISODE SOURCES EPISODE IMAGES This episode contains mature subject m...Show More

1:02:51 | Sep 26th

Nicki T (Strictly Homicide) returns to hear about the Balangiga Massacre during the Philippine–American War, 1899-1902. What version of events do you believe to be true? Should the United States return the bells?   This episode contains mature subjec...Show More
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