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SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears

40:53 | Dec 16th, 2019

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Loren Donn Leslie was only 15 years old when police discovered her remains on a lonely logging road off Highway 16 in British Columbia. Since the late 1960s, women and girls have gone missing from the...Show More


alishiamarie recommended:Mar 12th

There are several dateline, 48 hours, 20/20 episodes on this...this stretch of road has become an ominous place where women disappear. The fact is too much time has passed for this to be one single person, so the fact that we have multiple predators that have found a shared hunting ground is terribl...Show More

theresagao recommended:Dec 27th, 2019

i’m really easily scared so i don’t listen to a lot of true crime (although i will always owe serial to bringing me into podcasts in the first place). however, i really appreciated this episode as a recommendation from my friends bc it actually acknowledges the racial power dynamics that go into why...Show More