trying to get back into podcasts ✨ interested in social justice, race & asian american identity, true crime (sometimes), psychology, music, etc. all recs appreciated 💓 some favorites: dissect, code switch, crime junkie

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theresagao recommended:Jan 2nd

such a cute episode about a queer taiwanese american woman going back to taiwan & talking about queerness with her mom, found it through @michellebooks! this part stuck with me: “asian parents don’t really express their support outwardly, they are supportive inwardly” 🥺

Five Simple Steps

by Nancy

theresagao recommended:Dec 28th, 2019

loved this & excited by how this format is so unique & creative with the blend of poetry / spoken word / rap. had this recommended by a friend & definitely want to hear more :)

1. Listen Closer

by Have You Heard George's Podcast?

theresagao recommended:Dec 27th, 2019

i’m really easily scared so i don’t listen to a lot of true crime (although i will always owe serial to bringing me into podcasts in the first place). however, i really appreciated this episode as a recommendation from my friends bc it actually acknowledges the racial power dynamics that go into why...Show More

SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears

by Crime Junkie

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