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The Nocturnists

The Nocturnists

Caring for patients can be a transformative experience. On The Nocturnists, doctors share stories of joy, sorrow, and self-discovery. Based on the live storytelling event of the same name, and hosted by physician Emily Silverman, this podcast is anim...Show More
Special Episode 2: Learning

03:58 | Jun 18th

In this special episode, we share a tapestry of voices that we stitched together from the 38 audio submissions we received for our first storytelling contest on the theme of "Learning." The entries came from 28 institutions, 14 states, and 3 countrie...Show More
Special Episode 1: Lucy Kalanithi, MD

40:49 | Jun 13th

In this special episode, Emily sits down with internist and thought leader Lucy Kalanithi to discuss her late husband's book When Breath Becomes Air, and topics diverse as as illness and identity, prognosis and uncertainty, love and suffering, and th...Show More
S2 E10: The River Styx

37:20 | May 28th

After hearing a mentor make an inappropriate joke, medical student Jenny Tiskus grapples with humor’s place in the world of medicine. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music comes from Blue Dot Sessions. Check...Show More
S2 E9: Dead To Me

33:33 | May 21st

Physician Maureen Miller describes how a dusty box of autopsy reports from 1897 helped her embrace her new professional future as a pathologist. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music comes from Blue Dot S...Show More
S2 E8: All That Jazz

29:32 | May 14th

Psychiatrist Matthew Hirschtritt turns to lessons from his Jewish upbringing when caring for a patient with severe refractory depression. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music comes from Blue Dot Sessions. C...Show More
S2 E7: Good Doctor

31:53 | May 7th

Hospitalist Archna Eniasivam describes the time she made a diagnostic error with one of her favorite patients. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music comes from Blue Dot Sessions. Check out our website ...Show More
S2 E6: Dying to Tchaikovsky

32:32 | Apr 30th

Family medicine physician Catherine Forest listens to her one of her classical music idols serenade a dying loved one in the hospital. To learn more about music and the brain, check out Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks. ...Show More
S2 E5: Welcome to Vietnam

35:41 | Apr 23rd

82-year-old retired trauma surgeon Bill Meffert, who cared for wounded soldiers in Vietnam, reflects on that bloody experience and the words of a priest who worked beside him.  You can read more about Bill and his novel, A Long Way From Home, on h...Show More
S2 E4: Enjoy Your Life

33:34 | Apr 16th

When caring for a young woman with a new brain cancer diagnosis, medicine resident Colleen Farrell comes to grips with her own mortality. Books referenced include Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon. Check out the poem "Intensive Care" by Jane O. Wayn...Show More
S2 E3: A Form of Love

36:00 | Apr 9th

Hospitalist Peter Barish recounts an intense, intimate moment with a patient. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music comes from Blue Dot Sessions. Check out our website at thenocturnists.com.  We invi...Show More
S2 E2: Compassionate Release

37:13 | Apr 2nd

Michele DiTomas, a hospice physician who cares for incarcerated men, races against the clock and slashes through bureaucratic tape to help a dying man go home. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. Original theme music by Yosef Munro. Other music come...Show More
S2 E1: The Lazarus Effect

33:48 | Mar 26th

Emergency medicine physician Joe Sills panics when the patient he has just pronounced dead regains a pulse. The article mentioned in our conversation, "What Does It Mean to Die?" can be found in The New Yorker. Illustrations by Lindsay Mound. ...Show More
Season 2 Trailer

01:24 | Mar 12th

Season 2 of The Nocturnists, hosted by physician Emily Silverman, launches on Tuesday, March 26th.
S1 E9: Too Important to Die

36:30 | May 23rd, 2018

Cardiologist Dhruv Kazi recounts the heart-stopping tale of an emergency medical encounter in North Korea. Find out about our events and more at www.thenocturnists.com Hosted by Emily Silverman Produced by Marina Poole Executive Produced by A...Show More
S1 E8: Even the Morgue Has a Waitlist

30:08 | May 9th, 2018

Hospital administrator Galen Laserson recounts the time she got an unexpected call in the middle of the night, which prompted her to learn all about the hospital's underbelly and the logistics of death.
S1 E7: Missing It

30:02 | Apr 25th, 2018

The electronic medical record and a list of to-dos distract Milana Pebenito from her patient's impending death.
S1 E6: That's Ninja Doc to You

32:44 | Apr 11th, 2018

Hospitalist Meghan O'Brien recounts the frustration of caring for a homeless patient who would rather be on the streets.
S1 E5: I Am Enough

23:15 | Mar 28th, 2018

Grant Smith, chief resident in internal medicine at UCSF, recounts the story of his first code blue.
S1 E4: Not Always Wonderful

34:31 | Mar 7th, 2018

In the hospital, pediatrician Dana Gal struggles with a young patient who asserts her autonomy in ways that are frustrating, and even dangerous.
S1 E3: Out of the Way

29:23 | Feb 21st, 2018

Hospitalist Ann Knapp navigates her own doubts and assumptions when her patient, a ninety-year-old man, states he wants to die -- today.
S1 E2: A Great Many Things More

29:44 | Feb 6th, 2018

Sirisha Narayana, a hospital medicine physician, discusses her strong identity as a physician, and how it collided with her other identities, until one of her interns made a simple observation in the hospital.
S1 E1: Recognition

29:29 | Jan 25th, 2018

Ben Lerman, an emergency medicine physician, describes how his ability to empathize with his patients deteriorated throughout his medical training, and how a chance encounter with a patient outside the hospital helped set him back on track. Special t...Show More
Season 1 Trailer

02:59 | Dec 7th, 2017

The Nocturnists, hosted by physician Emily Silverman, debuts soon!