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Why I Hate this Album

Garrett Harvey and Tim Richardson


Two friends take turns picking an album to listen to for a week straight. Then they sit down to make fun of it, themselves and each other in their attempt to explain why they hate this album.


1:23:27 | May 5th

This week Tim and Garrett discuss the rugged masculinity and endless scarves that is Jeremy Renner. He’s been known as an actor, a land developer, an avenger, a Jeep promoter and flannel enthusiast an...Show More

1:03:00 | Apr 28th

This week we’re getting down to that Miami bass sound with the 69 Boyz and their hit Freak Ya Down 2 Da Bass (1998). Is this song about food, sex, sex with food or just sex described as food? We break...Show More
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1:38:55 | Apr 21st

After an unimpressive Third Eye Blind concert attended in 2019, Tim and Garrett decided to go back to the beginning and listen to their self-titled debut Third Eye Blind released March 26, 1997. In th...Show More

1:07:30 | Apr 14th

This week we’re discussing Keith Urban’s misguided attempt to show his support for (cash in on?) the #MeToo movement with his song Female. Also in this prepisode music news of the weird, listener ques...Show More

1:28:42 | Apr 7th

Van Halen has millions of fans and countless hits spanning decades. While some may prefer David Lee Roth and others Sammy Hagar nobody likes that time Gary Cherone joined the band to create the album ...Show More
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