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Inside the Junos

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We pull back the curtain on Canada's premiere music awards show and go deeper into the top winning songs with a Canadian master musician.


05:35 | Mar 11th, 2019

Alanis Morissette burst on the scene with 'Jagged Little Pill' and shook up the music world. Her magic says Chilly is, "that strange yodel, that weird break in her voice that makes the vocal performan...Show More

04:05 | Mar 11th, 2019

Shawn Mendes won Single Of The Year in 2018, and Gonzales notes the EDM sound but Mendes also has, "the feeling of hearing a person, a true singer-songwriter."
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04:40 | Mar 11th, 2019

'Can't Feel My Face' earned The Weeknd Single Of The Year in the 2016 JUNO Awards. Chilly offers an explanation for the infectious rhythm in the melody by saying, "We all know that The Weeknd loves M...Show More

04:56 | Mar 11th, 2019

Corey Hart won Single Of The Year for 'Never Surrender' in 1985. Chilly Gonzales explains that "The human ear associates a falling melody with submissiveness" So what gives this song its defiant stren...Show More

04:49 | Mar 11th, 2019

In 2005 , 'Crabbuckit' was on every radio. And Gonzales points out that it uses, "a chord progression associated with some of the saddest songs in the world."
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