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What really happens when a hacker snatches all your data? Breach digs into the who, why and how of history's most notorious data breaches. Hosted by journalist Bob Sullivan and producer/hacking victim Alia Tavakolian. Season 1 - a tech giant, a Russi...Show More


12:16 | May 6th, 2019

Is the internet ruining our lives? But what about puppy pics and Twitter friends and immediate access to information?! In a sneak peek of Alia and Bob's new tech show, So, Bob, Alia and Bob tackle the...Show More

02:36 | Apr 15th, 2019

In a brand new podcast, Bob & Alia join forces to answer your questions and untangle your sanity from this dark, scary world wide web. So, Bob is a safe, welcome space for understanding what technolog...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

44:18 | Apr 8th, 2019

Did our privacy survive the worst breach ever? What’s hurting, what’s helping, and what do we do now? More info on Joel Winston, privacy and cybersecurity lawyer, can be found here.

36:26 | Apr 1st, 2019

How lawmakers held Equifax accountable… almost.  How consumers are doing it themselves.  Inventing consequences for the worst breach ever. Read about Jessamyn West’s experience taking Equifax to sm...Show More

44:45 | Mar 25th, 2019

Trolls. Fake Websites. Hurricanes. The worst response ever to the worst breach ever.
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