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CNN Talk with Max Foster


CNN Talk with Max Foster tackles the major news stories and talking points of the day. A panel of regular contributors debate, discuss and argue about the major stories affecting your world. Available live on CNNI and daily at 7a ...Show More


25:21 | Jun 28th, 2019

We turn our attention to the G20 in Osaka, Japan and the meeting between U.S. President, Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump had been under pressure to press Mr. Putin o...Show More

26:21 | Jun 27th, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump's agenda when he touches down in Osaka, Japan on Thursday for a meeting of world leaders at this year's G20 summit will be dominated by trade wars, and the prospect of actu...Show More
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25:18 | Jun 26th, 2019

A tragic and indelible image has emerged from the U.S. border crisis. That of the Salvadoran father and his daughter lying face down in the water of the Rio Grande, part of the U.S. border with Mexico...Show More

24:38 | Jun 25th, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump announced new "hard hitting" sanctions against Iran on Monday, in part to retaliate after the downing of a US drone last week. Tehran has denounced the move as a sign of "A...Show More

25:23 | Jun 24th, 2019

The front runner to become Britain's next prime minister, Boris Johnson, is facing public scrutiny to answer questions about a row with his partner in the early hours of Friday which led to police bei...Show More
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