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British Columbia's only daily news show focused on business, brought to you by Business in Vancouver newspaper and Join hosts editor-in-chief Kirk LaPointe as well as reporters Tyler Orton and Hayley Woodin as they interview Canada's busines...Show More

16:29 | Nov 20th

On BIV Today... What should we make of the Trudeau cabinet shuffle? Mario Canseco, president of the Researchco public research firm, joins BIV editor-in-chief Kirk LaPointe for some initial thoughts. See more at

30:55 | Nov 19th

On BIV Today... The BIV tech panel featuring Gluu Technology Society’s and Electron Communications’ Matthew Klippenstein break down the latest industry news, including Disney+’s tech issues, the debut of Google Stadia — the tech giant’s effort to ...Show More
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25:48 | Nov 18th

On BIV Today… A new study suggests financial institutions are drowning in data. Matt Fabian, director of research and analysis at TransUnion Canada, discusses what the digital era means for banks and consumer experiences. A large percentage of ...Show More

13:29 | Nov 15th

On BIV Today... October’s real estate data for Greater Vancouver got more than a few people excited about a boost in sales. But scratch beneath the surface and the numbers aren’t as rosy as they might appear, according to Dane Eitel of Eitel Insig...Show More

10:23 | Nov 14th

On BIV Today... Will the new NHL team in Seattle stoke more hockey fever in Vancouver or will it erode the Canucks’ base? UBC business professor James Brander (10:23) discusses how the presence of a new regional rival will be felt in B.C. Tyler...Show More
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