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Pete Davis

A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

01:26 | Nov 1st

Editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson sits down with legendary sociologist and writer Arlie Hochschild. Together, they discuss her book Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right, based on her experiences in the Tea Party stro...Show More

1:04:42 | Oct 31st

Take an hour off from being scared by climate change - be scared by our spooky Halloween podcast instead! This week, the panel discusses their deepest fears, the annual panic around poisoned candy, and their favorite Halloween movies. "You wake up, ...Show More
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01:56 | Oct 24th

Pete Davis, host of the Current Affairs podcast, is many things. Even we at the Current Affairs headquarters only know, at best, maybe 10% of the things that he is. For over a year now, Pete has remained shrouded in mystery, hosting the show without ...Show More

01:26 | Oct 22nd

In this episode, Current Affairs host Pete Davis sits down with author and Washington bureau chief for The Intercept, Ryan Grim. Ryan shares his experiences as one of the few progressive reporters in DC in the 2000s, and gives the inside scoop on Ber...Show More

01:07 | Oct 17th

In this episode, Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson and amusements editor Lyta Gold sit down with Osita Nwanevu, staff writer at The New Republic, to discuss his recent article 'The "Cancel Culture" Con'. This episode is a preview o...Show More
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