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Welcome to Pontifacts; ranking all the Popes from Peter to Francis! In this light-hearted, only slightly blasphemous podcast, Bry and Fry go through the lives of the Pontiffs, and rate them based on our very valid and not subjective at all categories...Show More

52:11 | Aug 26th

Pope Hormisdas is one of the greatest papal peacemakers in history, and for this, he will have a significant 1500 year legacy. In this episode, we discuss the cagey negotiations with Emperor Anastasius, the final end of the Acacian Schism, and the en...Show More

55:30 | Aug 19th

Symmachus comes into the papacy after an extreme divide between the Pro-Byzantine and Pro-Ostrogothic factions. And divides usually lead to antipopes! In this episode, we'll discuss the Laurentian Schism, the lasting implications of the Palmary Synod...Show More
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26:37 | Aug 12th

Poor maligned Pope Anastasius II is forever immortalized in one of the most famous literary works of all time - Dante's Inferno! Join us as we introduce Dante and the Divine Comedy, and explore the sixth ring of hell, reserved for blasphemers and her...Show More

31:26 | Aug 5th

Anastasius II approached the Acacian Schism with conciliation and a desire to make peace ... and he's going to hell for it.

56:09 | Jul 29th

Gelasius is our third and final African pope! And more than the other African popes, he raises questions about race.... sort of. In his episode, we discuss the ongoing and far from ended Acacian Schism, the Duo Sunt and its thousand year legacy -- an...Show More

35:39 | Jul 22nd

Our first "medieval" pope entered the papacy between a steady western kingdom, a chaotic eastern empire, and a sorely persecuted Africa. In his episode, we discuss the official outbreak of the Acacian Schism, the ongoing battle of the Henotikon, and ...Show More

1:05:52 | Jul 15th

Pope Simpl*cius, besides providing excellent inspiration for 00's pop bands, was pope through a series of major turning points for papal history. He would be forced to contend with the FALL OF ROME and the rise of Odoacer, the chaos in the Empire wit...Show More

45:20 | Jul 8th

The name says it all... or does it? Re-released to include the Hilarius sketch and song from Rob and Jaime at Totalus Rankium! (From episode 81. Anthemius:

50:17 | Jul 1st

The Council of Chalcedon in 451, is one of the church's most formative, important, and controversial ecumenical councils - and considering the massive bulk of Pope Leo I's episode, we've set aside an entire episode for Chalcedon. In this episode, we'...Show More

2:02:19 | Jun 24th

Pope Leo I is one of only two popes to officially earn "the Great" epithet, and is by far the most significant church leader in the early church. He had a prolific international career long before his papacy, and he would go on to be an absolute gian...Show More

31:07 | Jun 17th

The first papal name to get a second, also is the first to get a third! In his episode, we discuss potential Pelagian patronage, the ongoing conflict between Cyril of Alexandria and John of Antioch, and.... SOMETHING.

51:03 | Jun 10th

Pope Celestine invites you to join him on his world tour! This papacy left its fingerprints on Gaul, Italy, Africa, Illyria, Britain and...Ireland! In his episode, we discuss the inception of Nestorianism, the Council of Ephesus, and Augustinian love...Show More

55:24 | Jun 3rd

Ol'Bonny came into the papacy right in the middle of the deep clerical divides caused by Pope Zosimus - which is how you get antipopes. Despite being a perfect (albeit unwilling) candidate, he will have fight to defend his election, and then scramble...Show More

42:06 | May 27th

Pope Zosimus started his papacy with a Vegas style shotgun friendship, and it set the tone for everything to follow. In his episode, we discuss pel-la-lagirism and bad citations, what happens when decisions are hasty and uninformed, and what happens ...Show More

43:50 | May 20th

Pontifacts is 1 year old! Join us for an amusing recap of our popey journey thus far, and an AMA session - and THANK YOU for being a part of our podcast!

1:18:13 | May 13th

The first pope of the too-obvious name was "energetic about heretics", and for establishing papal power through distant authorities. But this is a milestone episode, because we have a handful of MAJOR things to cover: John Chrysostom. The Visigothic ...Show More

35:33 | May 6th

Pope Anastasius, our "model of piety and sanctity" wins quite a reputation from the contemporary figures of the day, and crush-prone priests. But is it a deserved reputation, when we have so little to credit him for? In his episode, we go back to the...Show More

1:00:53 | Apr 29th

Pope Siricius really hated heretics, and when monks or nuns were banging in the monasteries. In this episode, we discuss the earliest preserved papal decretals in history, early church policy on clerical celibacy, and why 'Vicious Siricius' is a sass...Show More

1:00:31 | Apr 15th

In our greatest Athanasius Interlude yet, we are joined by Johnathan Adly from the History of the Copts Podcast, to fully dig into the much exiled Patriarch of Alexandria, Athanasius! In this episode, we discuss all things Athanasius, as well as the ...Show More

1:07:28 | Apr 1st

Pope Damasus is certainly a giant of the early church. He ensured a lasting legacy by vigorously asserting papal primacy, officially defining orthodoxy and doctrine, and putting his name and terrible poetry on epitaphs everywhere. And thats all witho...Show More

09:14 | Mar 28th

In this week's episode, we covered the exile of Pope Liberius following his refusal to condemn Athanasius and sign a Semi-Arian creed. A version of how this meeting between the Pope and Emperor Constantius II might have gone has been preserved in The...Show More

1:09:35 | Mar 25th

Pope Liberius would rather die than deny his faith or condemn Athanasius. He tells us so at least twice. But Emperor Constantius is ready to call his bluff, with circumstances we haven't seen since Christian toleration. In this episode, we outline th...Show More

24:18 | Mar 21st

The Meeting on the Protection of Minors in the Church happened at the end of February, and was the first summit of its kind in history. In this special POPEWATCH bonus episode, we go over the program of the council, the conclusions and directives ann...Show More

59:41 | Mar 18th

Pope Julius I, the "Defender of Orthodoxy", assumed the papacy while Eusebius of Nicomedia was still stirring an Arian fuss in the East, and Athanasius was in and out of peril. But he was not going to back down! In this episode, we discuss a series o...Show More

56:59 | Mar 11th

Pope Mark I witnessed many significant shifts during his early church career, so by the time he became pope, it was practically time for a break. In this episode, we introduce the Athanasius interlude, clerical fashion, and the merit of beards. A spe...Show More

57:49 | Mar 4th

We've finally arrived at the most important moment of the early church! In this episode, we set aside our popes for a substantial tangent to explore the details of the church's first ecumenical council. We will discuss the main players, the logistics...Show More

1:03:10 | Feb 25th

We have reached the papacy of the Council of Nicaea! But come back for that next week., because we're going to spend as much time on it this week as Sylvester did. In this episode, we will discuss his papacy, unpack legends, talk about a dragon, and ...Show More

53:40 | Feb 18th

Militiades is our second African Pope, and held the papacy during a massive shift of Christendom in the empire that no one saw coming. In this episode, we will discuss putrefying wormy bodies, shocking edicts, and introduce the founder of the Christi...Show More

23:37 | Feb 11th

Eusebius, not THAT Eusebius, didn't really have a chance. He probably should have stayed a physician.

37:04 | Feb 4th

Marcellus came to the papacy in the lull of the brutal Diocletian persecutions. In this episode, we'll discuss how he did right by his predecessor, re-organized a devastated Church, and then got sucked into internal chaos under Heraclius the jerk.

45:46 | Jan 28th

There is nothing we can say here without giving it all away. You're just going to have to listen.

51:35 | Jan 21st

Pope Caius the Dalmatian was somehow related to one of the most important emperors in Roman history, and also maybe a saint. Also maybe that saint was faced with some incest? And maybe he was REALLY old when he became pope. This is an episode with ma...Show More

31:51 | Jan 14th

Was Pope Eutychian even a pope at all? Historians will argue, and the mass destruction of Christian records during the Diocletian persecutions will obfuscate the answers. In this episode, we'll spend some time recapping the state of the empire, and t...Show More

38:11 | Jan 7th

We're ringing in the new year with a new Pope, facing old problems! In his episode, we'll look at the drastic lengths required to deal with pesky Paul of Samosata, how Queen Zenobia of Palmyra factors in, and maybe new, maybe old tradition of gravesi...Show More

29:22 | Dec 25th, 2018

It's a Pontifacts holiday surprise! Join Fry and Bry as we explore some ridiculous pope-themed gifts you COULD have bought for your loved ones this year, and strange gifts that recent popes have received! We will post links to all of the things we ar...Show More

39:07 | Dec 17th, 2018

This episode is about Pope Dionysius. And Bishop Dionysius, and what Dionysius thought of Dionysius, Dionysius's correspondence with Dionysius, and of course, the Affair of the Dionysii.   Show Notes:Writings of Dionysius: http://www.earlychristianwr...Show More

47:29 | Dec 10th, 2018

Pope Sixtus II is our first second! He is a heavy hitter in the early church, and his tomb is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites of the first martyrs. In this episode we discuss cults and beans, his famous saint companions, his bloody death, an...Show More

43:39 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Pope Stephen's papacy begins at a time where what is most needed is consistency, and continuity from the previous popes. And he delivers something entirely different instead. In his episode, we will discuss his papacy, his relationship with pope fanb...Show More

38:19 | Nov 26th, 2018

Pope Lucius doesn't have a whole lot of time to make his mark on the church, and he's going to have to spend much of that time on beach vacation. But there are still things to discuss! In this episode, we'll go over his life, his position on the new ...Show More

54:14 | Nov 12th, 2018

Pope Cornelius assumed the papacy in the midst of an extremely violent persecution, after the longest period of no-pope-ness that we've seen yet. Will he lead the church in a new unifying direction, or will he scramble with a fractured and decimated ...Show More

42:36 | Nov 5th, 2018

Pope Fabian definitely has one of the most unique stories of the early Popes. As the first pope appointed by acclamation, he shook things up, and maybe made a few birb-friends along the way.

33:37 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Pope Anterus is one of the most unfortunate of the early popes, due to one of the shortest papacies in history. But in this episode, we seek to uncover if he did anything to make this short papacy substantial.

43:45 | Oct 15th, 2018

Pope Pontian will set a precedent for the church that will resound through to very modern history, and forever change the way the office of Pope is perceived by the world. In this episode, we will discuss his life, his response to the antipope schism...Show More

34:27 | Oct 14th, 2018

Surprise! Since Pope Urban I is the first pope to leave a lasting mark on famous world literature, we're celebrating with a bonus episode, reading 'The Second Nun's Tale', from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. The Second Nun's Tale can be fou...Show More

45:44 | Oct 8th, 2018

Pope Urban sat on the papal throne, and all he got was the t-shirt... or some accounts would have you believe! But is this an accurate picture of a pope who has achieved literary immortality? In this episode, we will discuss his ordinations, his conn...Show More

52:03 | Oct 1st, 2018

The Catholic Encyclopedia says: "If we knew more of Callixtus from Catholic sources, he would probably appear as one of the greatest of the popes." Instead, the sources we have are from his greatest critics. But is that a bad thing? His enemies have ...Show More

44:20 | Sep 23rd, 2018

Pope Zephyrinus was 'a simple man, without education', or so we are told. In this episode, we will discuss Zephyrinus's life, his policies, and determine whether or not to take salty sources at face value.

46:07 | Sep 17th, 2018

Pope Victor will instigate a lot of firsts for the church, and definitely leaves his mark on history. But is this to his benefit? In this episode, we will discuss Easter, AGAIN, the Pokemon evolution of Jesus, and whether or not Victor sacrificed bab...Show More

48:24 | Sep 10th, 2018

Eleutherius has been claimed as a symbol of national identity, but not at all in the way you would think! In this episode we will discuss what part he plays in a weird stepbrother syndrome, his thoughts about food, and whether or not he had something...Show More

45:56 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Pope Soter was not a SOTE, and we can say that with relative certainty because we can actually talk about his personality! In this episode, we discuss his life, penance, marriage, papal alms, and ask ourselves if being the goodest boi is bull-worthy....Show More

29:20 | Aug 29th, 2018

Surprise! We have a bonus episode to share Bry's Papal Audience experience, and for our exciting announcement - WE ARE NOW ON PATREON! If you'd like to support the show and ensure tons of popey goodness for a long time to come, while being spoiled wi...Show More

47:32 | Aug 27th, 2018

Anicetus led a life that was "so blameless, that he was a model to every one of Christian perfection" - at least according to his biggest fan from the 1800s. In this episode, we discuss his positions on new heresy, his famous friends, and try to figu...Show More

49:11 | Aug 20th, 2018

This episode is about Pope Pius I! Or at least, it tries to be, while also touching on all the major figures of second century Christianity that outshone him, including his own brother. We'll discuss Pius's life and contributions, and decide whether ...Show More

44:25 | Aug 6th, 2018

Pope Hyginus, or Inigo (insert Princess Bride reference here), is said to have held the papacy in a time of relative peace. But is that true? How recent, or short was this peace? In this episode, we will discuss Hyginus's life, heretics, and church h...Show More

46:17 | Jul 23rd, 2018

Telesphorus started his life in a very different way than the rest of our earlier popes, but this may have made him the perfect candidate for the time. In this episode, we'll discuss where he might have come from, and why he is the Hallmark Card Pope...Show More

28:23 | Jul 9th, 2018

Sixtus I, or Xystus has a short episode of shortness, but he still managed to make a few contributions that make for interesting discussion! This week, we'll discuss apostolic letters, no-touchy, and nicknames for bald people. Make sure to note the a...Show More

44:04 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Pope Alexander I was the first pope to have connections in the imperial court - and this would have significant impact on the Roman Christian world, especially for Alexander himself. This week we will discuss his early life, the conversions of his pa...Show More

33:07 | Jun 25th, 2018

Evaristus 'dat pope guy' suffers from a lack of information and sources, but there is still fun to be had! In this episode, we discuss his intense commitment to church ordinations, his distinctive facial expressions, and whether or not it is better t...Show More

53:31 | Jun 18th, 2018

Pope Clement I arguably has one of the most interesting lives of the early popes, and not just because of the fan fiction written about him! In this episode, we tackle his fantastical life story, his dramatic legacy, and how he is still relevant in 2...Show More

31:18 | Jun 11th, 2018

Pope Anacletus... or Pope Cletus... or both? Our third pope has contributed quite a lot to the confusion of the early papal orders. In this episode, we'll examine his lasting contributions of the papacy, and decide once and for all if he is one or tw...Show More

34:02 | Jun 4th, 2018

Our second and lesser known Pope, Linus, had a big act to follow. But he was a talented preacher that drew many converts to the church, and irritated whole cities. In this episode we look at his life, his lips, and ask the question: Is he worthy of a...Show More

1:01:32 | May 28th, 2018

Our first Pope, St. Peter, is the rock on which the Catholic Church was built – but was this a wise decision? In this episode, we discuss Peter’s life and death, his habit of being a two-faced douche who wrecks parties, and whether or not we think he...Show More

26:21 | May 24th, 2018

What is a Pope? What does a Pope do? What is an average day for a Pope? These questions answered, and more, in the second half of our series introduction!

35:52 | May 21st, 2018

Welcome to Pontifacts; ranking all the Popes from Peter to Francis! In this light-hearted, only slightly blasphemous podcast, Bry and Fry go through the lives of the Pontiffs, and rate them based on our very valid and not subjective at all categories...Show More