Welcome to Pontifacts; ranking all the Popes from Peter to Francis! In this light-hearted, only slightly blasphemous podcast, Bry and Fry go through the lives of the Pontiffs, and rate them based on our very valid and not subjective at all categories...Show More

38:02 | Feb 10th

Boniface is our first Neopolitan pope, but he is certainly the vanilla. In his episode, we'll discuss the origin of church sanctuary and its first universal implementation, a rebellion in the exarchat...Show More

29:51 | Feb 3rd

Adeodatus, or Deusdedit, was the first priest elected to be the Pope since John II, and he held the first ordinations for new priests since the beginning of Pope Gregory's papacy. In his episode, we d...Show More
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46:43 | Jan 20th

Boniface was a protégé of Pope Gregory, and he maintained a very Gregorian tone during his papacy. Which makes sense, since he was doing all the work anyway. In his episode, we'll discuss the conversi...Show More

38:09 | Jan 13th

Pope Boniface shone where his predecessor failed. He was a successful apocrisiary, an influential pope, and was able to achieve something that several previous popes could not. In his episode, we'll r...Show More

28:37 | Jan 6th

Pope Sabinian is the anti-Gregory, in every possible way. He had a bad time in Constantinople, and then a worse time in Rome. He replaced monks with clerics in ecclesiastical roles, and made a massive...Show More
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