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Rolling Misadventures

Rolling Misadventures

Three podcasters hop into a tabletop rpg known as Fiasco to create short audio dramas with a real-play style.
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53:45 | Sep 15th

Captain Nobeard, recently marooned on a derelict ship with his spectral friend Owen, ends up being rescued. Unfortunately, their savior? Captain Rye, the leader of the mutiny that put Nobeard on that derelict ship. After Nobeard agrees to legally giv...Show More

45:24 | Aug 29th

After realizing that they weren't dealing with the real Jean, Chester and TB find themselves in the middle of a trap at the HPD. After a valiant attempt, the two were locked up, awaiting their untimely deaths. Can the real Jean break his friends out ...Show More
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41:37 | Aug 18th

Two years after the events of Cloning Around Act 01 and 02, we find out that Chester has taken the fall for the Violet Killer's past crimes and is currently in prison. Meanwhile, Lt. Tacobell has been hiding away in an underground bunker, content wit...Show More

51:14 | Aug 4th

This is a remastered version of our original story arc that kicked off Rolling Misadventures. We wanted to make sure that we had a version of this story, updated to our current style of tabletop meets audio drama, before kicking off the sequel episod...Show More

44:32 | Jul 21st

High School is so boring. There's the popular girl thats always bullying you, the crush that won't even recognize you, and a nondescript pen that you may have taken from that crush (which everyone seems to want for some reason). How could a pen be so...Show More

40:39 | Jul 7th

After the bag of money has gone missing, the group starts to turn on each other. Is the brotherly bond of Pete and Matt stronger than the marriage Pete has with Mary? Is Riley's love of the art studio stronger than their hatred for Mary? Can they fin...Show More

1:11:25 | Jun 29th

Derek, Megan, and Charles sit down to answer some listener submitted question in celebration of making it through a year of insanity that is Rolling Misadventures. We talk about how the show got started, learn some new stuff about each other, reflect...Show More

32:38 | Jun 23rd

The local small town art gallery can house a lot of things. Independent artists jockeying for their chance in the spotlight, family drama, and sometimes a bag of cold hard cash. It's just another day, until that surprise bag of money they found has i...Show More

44:35 | Jun 9th

As the bank heist goes down, our group of goblins begin to argue over how to deal with a cute, newly introduced halfling named Tushfoot. Meanwhile, back at the dirty place, the true power of the "Smallest Blade Known to Goblin Kind" is discovered and...Show More

41:40 | May 26th

A group of goblins, in service to The Master, have managed to retrieve a precious relic. They could hand things off to The Master.....or they could create a better life for themselves while screwing over everyone else. Who will end up with the "Small...Show More

50:12 | May 20th

We were part of Livestream for the Cure 2019, helping to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute. The audio isn't as polished as we did it live, but it was still a great one off episode as we were able to help in a wonderful charity event.  To ...Show More

47:18 | May 12th

We pick up with Rexinald and Elias solving the case of the Primrose murder, putting Buckner as the prime suspect. But not is all as it seems. As Josephine turns on Poncho, we learn what really happened at the clam factory with the Clam of Death. Can ...Show More

57:47 | Apr 28th

Rexinald McMasterson is trying to spend some time at sea to relax and find inspiration for his next book with Poncho Contreras, his lacky, in tow. Elias G. Werthenhammer is trying to find solace in travel after his time in the war. Eisenhower "Diggle...Show More

34:24 | Apr 14th

After the mishap in the ring, Ryan "Thundercrack" Price is hospitalized with a broken back. Knowing that their original plans to get out of the company is falling apart, "Crazy" Colton Mack has to find another way. He convinces Mr.McMasterson that th...Show More

31:08 | Mar 31st

"Crazy" Colton Mack and Ryan "Thundercrack" Price have been in the wrestling biz for a decade and are getting tired of the long trips on the road and the physical abuse their bodies have endured. After a mixup with Colton's twin brother, Robert "Boul...Show More

32:30 | Mar 17th

We continue with George and Marcus being possessed as they collect all of the podcasting equipment and disappear deeper into the house. While Justin Case wants to leave them for the horrible transgression of touching his microphone, but Tripp can't g...Show More

40:47 | Mar 3rd

An old haunted mansion lays as a backdrop for paranormal investigator Tripp Garett and podcaster Marcus Calloway to put on a very special interview. After Marcus decides to add some of his grafitti to the walls, the house awakens with rumblings of th...Show More

42:27 | Feb 17th

Up on the hill, Gordon and Emerson realize the mix-up as Cotton's scorned lovers are forced to work together. Cotton, coming to the conclusion that everyone is leaving him behind, shows up for a standoff with his brother just as the robbery is about ...Show More

47:47 | Feb 3rd

Set in a mining town in the old west, Abraham and Shilo are scrapping over the infidelity of Cotton. After trying to get Cotton to smooth things over with his lovers, Emerson tries to convince Gordon to rob a stagecoach so they can all leave town. Me...Show More

29:00 | Jan 20th

As the biggest party, that Chicago has ever seen kicks off, Frankie ‚ÄúThe Fang‚ÄĚ is confronted by the last remaining Genna brother about the disapearance of Tony. Bash and Percy decide it best to keep Frankie out the loop by removing Vinny from the par...Show More

32:22 | Jan 6th

While Frankie "The Fang" Florentino is ready to throw a party, like the old days, his grandson Percy wants to make a name for himself. After a mishap with Percy and Bash Malone trying to steal from the Capriottis, maybe they've gotten in over their h...Show More

28:16 | Dec 23rd, 2018

Evelyn makes a discovery about the strange object found at the community center that doesn't sit well with him. Meanwhile, David tries to keep it together as Morgan is pressed for time and ready to take over. Can David keep his old friend safe before...Show More

28:54 | Dec 9th, 2018

We find Evelyn working as a member of the community center, trying to start a new life, before someone from his past comes to find him. After shooting down his job offer, Morgan brings Evelyn out for drinks and tries to get his mind off of things by ...Show More

29:25 | Nov 25th, 2018

As Gravesdigger threatens to turn in our heroes to the police, for killing Vampire Mayor, Silent Justice and The Pillar are left with no choice but to team up. Can they track down Gravesdigger and put and end to his life before it's too late? Find ou...Show More

38:06 | Nov 11th, 2018

In a city of heroes and villains, we find Silent Justice at odds with The Pillar over who gets Gravesdigger as their loyal sidekick. If things couldn't get any worse, the mayor ends up dead and fingers get pointed. Who will Gravesdigger side with? Wh...Show More

32:11 | Oct 28th, 2018

Our shitty 90's teens head to the arcade after a sleepless night of scares. While Jamie and Kristin continue to butt heads over their family situation, the haunted doll is quick to move in. Can the kids stand up to Penelope once and for all in this G...Show More

42:02 | Oct 14th, 2018

A group of stereotypical 90's teens have to overcome their own issues with a split family while dealing with a haunted doll in this story inspired by young adult horror shows.   The playset for this episode: Horripilation - More

29:46 | Sep 30th, 2018

After a failed attempt to create an exciting story of their own, Channel 6 is left covering for their mishap while Channel 11 Action News is uncovering the truth.   Special Guest: Scotty from Talk & Roll   The playset for this episode: News Channel S...Show More

01:04 | Sep 19th, 2018

A quick promo for the show with clips from the first 3 stories.

42:35 | Sep 16th, 2018

A team of newscasters try to beat out their rivals by creating their own news.   Special Guest: Scotty from Talk & Roll   The playset for this episode: News Channel Six -   Ro...Show More

47:00 | Sep 1st, 2018

We pick up with our story of a couple of 80's video store clerk drug dealers getting ready to pull the heist of their lives. As things fall apart on the job, Mercedes is left choosing between her future with James or Zack.   Special Guest - Joe from ...Show More

58:52 | Aug 19th, 2018

Set in 1980's Miami, Zack Domino and Axle Lions are slinging cocaine from behind the counters of a video store while Mercedes Knight is using it as a connection for her Johns. While our video clerks are getting ready to hit it big with an upcoming he...Show More

43:29 | Aug 5th, 2018

We resume our story of a flopped Victorian Era playhouse. Tobias learns of Hellen's pregnancy and gets cold feet about the murder plot, Milford tries to play both sides, and a moose gets loose.   The information for the upcoming Sunshine Summit 2018 ...Show More

49:19 | Jul 22nd, 2018

The world is a stage. At least we act like it is as we embrace our terrible british accents for a playhouse wrought with a terrible first night, a hidden pregnancy, and a double turn of bribery and murder.   The information for the upcoming Sunshine ...Show More

24:07 | Jul 8th, 2018

Welcome to the launch of Rolling Misadventures. In this episode Derek, Megan, and Charles take some time to talk about who they are and the other shows they do. Afterwards, Derek goes over some of the rules of Fiasco and the group puts together their...Show More

37:49 | Jul 8th, 2018

We continue our story with Jean De Curtis being convinced by Lt. Tacobell to help infiltrate a nearby tower that the Violet Killer resides at. The dice have been cast, the tilts have been chosen, now it's time to see how things play out.   If you enj...Show More

42:39 | Jul 8th, 2018

We find ourselves in the near future. A world where technological advancements have made cloning a reality. Our story finds one of these clones scooped up by a couple of mercenarys that are on the hunt of someone known as the Violet Killer.   If you ...Show More

01:17 | Jun 7th, 2018

A teaser for the new podcaster collaboration coming this July. Derek (The Sometimes Geek Podcast) is joined by Megan (Oh No! Lit Class) and Charles (The Something Random Podcast and Talk & Roll) to play Fiasco. Episodes will cover Act One and Act Two...Show More