Rolling Misadventures

Rolling Misadventures

Three podcasters hop into a tabletop rpg known as Fiasco to create short audio dramas with a real-play style.

53:45 | Sep 15th, 2019

Captain Nobeard, recently marooned on a derelict ship with his spectral friend Owen, ends up being rescued. Unfortunately, their savior? Captain Rye, the leader of the mutiny that put Nobeard on that ...Show More

45:24 | Aug 29th, 2019

After realizing that they weren't dealing with the real Jean, Chester and TB find themselves in the middle of a trap at the HPD. After a valiant attempt, the two were locked up, awaiting their untimel...Show More
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41:37 | Aug 18th, 2019

Two years after the events of Cloning Around Act 01 and 02, we find out that Chester has taken the fall for the Violet Killer's past crimes and is currently in prison. Meanwhile, Lt. Tacobell has been...Show More

51:14 | Aug 4th, 2019

This is a remastered version of our original story arc that kicked off Rolling Misadventures. We wanted to make sure that we had a version of this story, updated to our current style of tabletop meets...Show More

44:32 | Jul 21st, 2019

High School is so boring. There's the popular girl thats always bullying you, the crush that won't even recognize you, and a nondescript pen that you may have taken from that crush (which everyone see...Show More
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