Nerd Poker

Nerd Poker

Each week, under dark of night, in a dining room in Encino, a group of warriors led by Brian Posehn plays Dungeons & Dragons and you’re invited to attend!


1:02:29 | Mar 24th

The Ice Five have arrived on the seaside. Their goal is to reconvene with the Mother Brain and pick up a new boat, as Dargthur is keen to get back into Admiral mode. Hopefully they'll find a safe ride...Show More

58:08 | Mar 17th

The Ice Five has their eye on Silverhenny Woods, but will the Violet Fang actually join the party? And wait a minute, Silverhenny Woods, isn't that where Dr. Uid keeps all of his... STUFF? Time to hea...Show More
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1:04:50 | Mar 10th

Still debating their next move, the Ice Five decide to explore the full resources of Clompity, which may or may not include the leader of Haushinka's assassin network. The players have some theories a...Show More

1:03:07 | Mar 3rd

The promise of the capital city of Donkeyland, Clompity, looms before the Ice Five as they must make some hard choices. Do they forge ahead, or explore a second, perhaps more confrontational path? Als...Show More

1:04:13 | Feb 25th

Down the dark stair the Ice Five tread, towards the teleportation circle that will transport them to Donkeyland. But what are dark stairs without a whole bunch of traps? Luckily the Ice Five have a cu...Show More
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