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Crime on the Mind

Crime on the Mind

A weekly podcast by Israel Sanchez and Sydni Chance covering crime and mayhem with a sense of humor.

35:21 | Dec 14th, 2018

This week we cover Harvey Glatman, also known as "The Lonely Heart Killer." The name may be a little misleading since two of his victims were murdered under the assumption that he was a professional photographer in search of models. Support us on Pat...Show More

38:42 | Dec 6th, 2018

If all of his confessions check out, Samuel Little will be one of the most, if not the most prolific serial killer in American history. With over 90 confessions it'll take some time to check out, but so far authorities have confirmed 34. Here's the F...Show More
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59:19 | Nov 22nd, 2018

This week we're back together and covering the terrific murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the controversy surrounding it. Can you also take just one minute and give us a five star review on iTunes? It would be really helpful. Also, if yo...Show More

1:14:34 | Nov 18th, 2018

This episode is extremely graphic, so please proceed with caution. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris were two sadistic killers responsible for the torture and death of at least five teenagers. Sydni tackles this case alone, as Israel was out celebrati...Show More

52:28 | Nov 3rd, 2018

This week we take a close look at America's first serial killer (not Ted Cruz, or is it?) H. H. Holmes. Support us on Patreon! Follow us everywhere @crimeonthemind

55:40 | Oct 27th, 2018

This week we talk about Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey and Making a Murderer. What do you think? If Steven Avery is innocent, the who killed Teresa Halbach. Support us on Patreon! Follow us everywhere @crimeonthemind

48:06 | Oct 19th, 2018

This week we cover the Manson Family. We know, in one of our earlier epsiodes we said how we didn't really care about Charlie Manson and his followers, but boy, were we wrong. It's a brutal story, but a fascinating one.   Support us on Patreon! www.p...Show More

54:42 | Oct 11th, 2018

We're back! Israel and Sydni today cover the other Israel, the less handsome and ruthless serial killer Israel Keyes. Keyes was one of the most methodical and smartest serial killers ever. He would plan his muders years in advanced and didn't have a ...Show More

40:20 | Sep 20th, 2018

This week Israel and Sydni cover the Oakland County Child Killer, better known as The Baby Sitter Killer because of the way the bodies were posed and taken care of after death. It's odd and disturbing. There's also evidence to suggest that there may ...Show More

39:21 | Sep 11th, 2018

In this final episode of our BTK Series, we cover the final years of Dennis Rader as a free man. How did he get caught? What was his downfall? We feature another clip of our interview with "Carol" talking about how the case affected her son. Also, th...Show More

35:31 | Aug 28th, 2018

In this second episode of our BTK Series, we cover the other five murders committed by Dennis Rader. We also feature an interview by someone who had a close encounter with an assailant who the cops believed to be BTK. You be the judge. Whatever the c...Show More

31:56 | Aug 18th, 2018

Ever since our first meeting we wanted to cover the murders of Dennis Rader, better known as BTK. We wanted to do it right, so we traveled to many of the locations that are relevant to the case, including the empty lot where his house used to stand. ...Show More

49:26 | Aug 14th, 2018

This week Sydni covers the infamous case of Lizzie Borden. Did she do it? Israel then covers a case of online deception that led to the murder of Brian Barrett. Heard of Talhotblond? Also, we listened to your feedback and will start both covering the...Show More

36:18 | Aug 7th, 2018

Today we both talk about the April Tinsley case. Her case remained cold for over 30 years until thanks to the new advancements in DNA technology--the same ones that caught GSK/EARONS--a suspect was recently apprehended. We also continue with our new ...Show More

01:11 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Last month we went to Park City and Wichita and traveled to most of the locations that had any connection to Dennis Rader, better known as BTK for bind, torture, kill. As of right now, we're thinking this is going to be a three part series. It's like...Show More

31:32 | Jul 31st, 2018

This week we cover the latest updates on the Golden State Killer and mention a few other cases where the new advancements DNA testing has led to major breaks in other cold cases. We cover some pretty dark cases and ending the show on a low note is ki...Show More

57:51 | Jul 24th, 2018

This week Israel covers the case of Melinda Wall McGhee who has been missing since 2003. Israel speculates who the killer could be based on the little evidence available, but his hope is that more attention to the case brings answers for the family. ...Show More

1:08:14 | Jul 17th, 2018

This week we're back to talking about The Staircase. Then, Sydni covers the many murders of Nannie Doss, the "Giggling Granny" and Israel covers the case of Cassie Jo Stoddart. A quick warning, there's some audio in Cassie's case that's hard to liste...Show More

1:18:31 | Jul 10th, 2018

This week Israel covers the case of Colonel Russell Williams, a peeping tom, ultimate creeper and murderer. Sydni then covers the disturbing case of "baby farmer" Amelia Elizabeth Dyer. Warning: it involves a disturbed lady killing babies for profit ...Show More

1:30:22 | Jul 3rd, 2018

This week Sydni talks about the horrific crimes committed by Andre Thomas, who is currently a death row inmate in Grayson County, Texas. Should he face the death penalty, or is he truly insane? We’ll leave that up to you. WARNING, there are some grap...Show More

44:36 | Jun 26th, 2018

This week we talked about the first episode of the true crime documentary, "The Staircase." Warning, we do play part of the 911 call if you get triggered by that sort of stuff. Then Israel talks about Jimmy Ryce a Florida boy who was kidnapped while ...Show More

57:10 | Jun 19th, 2018

This week Sydni covers the Clutter family murders, made famous (or infamous) in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and Israel talks about the murder of teenager Meghan Landowski. If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe and rate us. It will help us out ...Show More

46:11 | Jun 9th, 2018

It's our first episode and we're covering the Golden State Killer. This is an ongoing investigation so a lot is changing and quickly, but Sydni goes through a brief history of his crime and Israel talks about DNA and how GSK got caught. Oh yeah, and ...Show More