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The Exploress Podcast

Kate J. Armstrong

Join us as we time travel back through women's history, exploring the lives and stories of ladies of the past, from the everyday to the extraordinary, imagining what it might have been like to be them.

46:03 | Aug 1st

The ancient Greeks made up fantastic stories about the Amazons: the bold, violent, promiscuous, independent women who were everything a good Greek wife wasn’t supposed to be. And for a long time, scholars thought that was all they were: a figment of ...Show More

42:54 | Aug 22nd

In Part 1 we met Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother, and saw her navigate some savage drama to get her and her son to the top. Now let's see what she does when he goes off conquering. And when he dies, she and several of Alex's women will battle ...Show More
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49:01 | Aug 15th

Ancient Greek queen Olympias went to epic lengths to ensure her son Alexander (later the Great) won the Macedonian throne. She was the ultimate momager, shaping his view of himself and the world, maneuvering through the complexities of a cutthroat co...Show More

32:53 | Aug 8th

The ancient Greeks told lots of stories about the Amazons: the mythic bands of warrior women that Hellanikos of Lesbos described as "golden-shielded, silver-axed, man-loving, boy-killing females.” But now we understand that the ancient world saw its ...Show More

36:16 | Jul 24th

When it comes to the words that made it through time to us, ancient Greece is particularly loud with men’s voices. But if you listen, you can hear one woman through the crowd. Heralded as a genius in her time, Sappho was called “The Poetess” and “The...Show More
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