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The Exploress Podcast

Kate J. Armstrong


Join us as we time travel back through women's history, exploring the lives and stories of ladies of the past, from the everyday to the extraordinary, imagining what it might have been like to be them.


46:03 | Aug 1st, 2019

The ancient Greeks made up fantastic stories about the Amazons: the bold, violent, promiscuous, independent women who were everything a good Greek wife wasn’t supposed to be. And for a long time, scho...Show More

52:50 | Jul 19th, 2018

MID-19TH CENTURY AMERICA WAS A PRETTY BUTTONED-UP PLACE. OR WAS IT? For women, marriage and family was their destiny, their lives confined to a small and private sphere. But women in this era did ple...Show More
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An awesome exploration into women's lives in the early US.

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30:58 | May 19th

In Part 1, we saw Cleopatra grow up in Alexandria amid luxury, excess, and the threat of death by family member. When her pharaoh father fled Egypt, she went with him, experiencing Rome for the very f...Show More

45:59 | May 1st

Cleopatra, the last great queen of Egypt, doesn’t really need an introduction. You can see her in your mind already: Pretty and sultry with her cat-eye makeup, covered head to toe in shiny gold. Extra...Show More

39:02 | Apr 3rd

Throughout the ages, women have used poison - but their worlds also found ways to poison them. Doctors who didn’t know better, giving them medicine that hurt instead of cured; toxic cosmetics; workpla...Show More
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