American Scandal

Enron - A Sense of Urgency | 1

44:44 | Aug 27th, 2019

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In the mid 1990s, Enron Corporation solidifies its position as the number one energy company in America. Investment manager Sherron Watkins lands a dream job there, but quickly learns that Enron's off...Show More


nerdyblurbtv recommended:Apr 19th

As some one who’s boned up on the Eron‘s shady history before, I was happily satisfied in this 5 episode series of American Scandal. Wondery is producing shows in a way I’m finding I really enjoy on an entertainment level and mildly in the educational realm as I think it’s drive is to focus on how t...Show More

cesarm recommended:Sep 30th, 2019

This podcast is killing it lately. They just wrapped their Enron series and it was really good.


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