34:48 | Oct 31st, 2018

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Celery was the "it" vegetable of the Victorian era. We trace celery's fall from grace and ask the important question: is it poised for a comeback?...Show More


epekilis recommended:Sep 15th

Celery is always the leftover has-been on the veggie dip platter, long after the cherry tomatoes, broccoli chunks and red pepper spears have disappeared. But it wasn’t always so. Celery is the victim of changing food fashion. The New York Public Library’s collection of digitized historic menus ind...Show More

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virovalkyrie recommended:Apr 21st, 2019

From my childhood, celery was never something I avoid. It’s when I met people who hate celeries with all of their existence that I see celery isn’t always everyone’s favourite. Glad to see some proper love for celery in such special perspective. :)

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